Best credit cards in Canada for gas station expedinture

August 13, 2020 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Gas rewards – hot air or hard cold cash?! At the gas station, spending on gas, snack bars and washer fluid may not be the biggest expenditures for Canadians, but they are some of the most regular. Use the right credit card, and you can make a handsome return on your gas spending and save […] full post

Top tips for taking your car out after a long Covid-19 lockdown

August 6, 2020 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Has your car been in storage over the last few months because of the Covid-19 lockdown? Millions of Canadians have parked their cars for extended periods of time because they no longer need to commute. Thing is cars don’t like to sit still for long periods of time. The battery, fuel lines, rubber bushings and […] full post

Safety tips for driving after the Covid-19 lockdown

June 22, 2020 Roadtrip

Having been cooped up for months to slow the spread of Covid-19 doggedly, Canadians are eagerly looking to get outdoors again and make the most of the summer. Expecting people to sit at home when the sun’s hot and the lake waters are cool is too much to ask as the lockdowns are easing. Road […] full post

What’s a diesel car like to drive?

June 15, 2020 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Cars with diesel engines are nowhere near as popular in Canada (or North America) as they are in Europe. Are we missing a trick by not considering diesel cars and trucks? Theoretically, diesel engines, with their superior fuel economy and highway ability, should be perfect for Canadian roads. If you think of diesel engines as […] full post

Cheap and free parking in Toronto

June 8, 2020 Car Rental and Travel Blog

In Toronto, the only thing that’s more annoying than having to shovel off snow throughout the winter season is finding affordable parking spaces, which this problem persists throughout the year! The city has witnessed a sharp rise in population ever since the 1950s and has since emerged as the country’s financial capital. This has naturally […] full post

Road trip on a budget with cheap car rental

June 1, 2020 Roadtrip

Canada is vast and perfect for road trips. But big distances can make for expensive car hire and curb your plans, right? Wrong! Check out some simple car rental tips and save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on a rental car and explore this spectacular country the way it is meant to be – […] full post

What to look for in cheap and cheerful van rental in Toronto

April 20, 2020 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Need a big box on wheels for not much money? That’s easy. At Advantage Car and Truck Rental, the truck rental rate of one truck can be less than the price of the Starbucks coffees you buy for your friends/employees who help you haul! Incredibly low prices with the promise of a clean, well-maintained truck. […] full post

Drive greener with rental cars in Toronto

March 23, 2020 Car Rental and Travel Blog

“Don’t be gentle, it’s a rental.” Actually, the vast majority of our customers prefer vehicles with efficient, low-polluting engines that don’t guzzle gas. In fact, we have found that in the last year or so, car rental customers prefer vehicles that are easy on the gas. With Earthy Day fast approaching, on 22 April 2020, […] full post

Should you tick for GPS navigation next time you rent a car or truck?

February 17, 2020 Roadtrip

When they were introduced, navigation systems were a fancy, expensive feature reserved for luxury, high-end cars. Though now it is common to see this feature even in the most basic models. Even if the car model does not come fitted with one, it is easy to buy a standalone navigation system for cars.  Understanding what […] full post

Rental cars delivered to your doorstep in Toronto

February 3, 2020 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Rushing at 5 pm from work to pick up your rental car before the office closes? Worse still, you’ve booked using a car-sharing app, and when you reach the location in the cold and rain, you realize that the interiors are filthy… or someone’s stolen the fob that lets you out of the private parking […] full post