10 Cheap Electric Cars Canada Loves! Car rentals in Toronto make going electric possible

advantage car blog - cheap electric car

It is easy falling in love with electric cars. They are clean, they are fast and they are reliable. What’s more, they offer a different motoring experience that so many crave. Fortunately, every successive generation of electric vehicles brings more and more affordable electric-only and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Each passing year also chips away at […]

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Looking for ‘Race Track Near Me’? Here’s Where You Should Go and What You Need

advantage car blog - track day

If you have been bitten by the motorsport bug, it’s time to scratch that itch. ‘Track days’, when you can spend some quality time letting loose your inner Gilles Villeneuve, have become very popular. What’s more, you can now fulfil that dream to test drive sports car like a Ferrari or Porsche around some epic […]

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Looking for Summer Camp Grounds? Here Are A List of Ontario’s Most Coveted Spots

Hwy 60 crossing Smoke Creek

As the best car rental service Toronto has, we know first-hand how much people love camping. As millennials forgo car ownership, rental cars have become the obvious choice when you go camping. In fact, the intermediate SUV, like the Honda CR-V is one of our most in-demand camping cars during the summer season. In this […]

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10 of Toronto’s Most Happening 2019 Summer Events For The Heliophile In You


Toronto is abuzz with activity this summer. Actually, Toronto is abuzz with activity every summer. So, if you want to soak up some sun and enjoy the local festivities, you’ve come to the right place. To all heliophiles, keep your sunscreen handy. In this article, we are looking at 10 of Toronto’s most happening summer […]

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Here Are Some Clever Ways To Save Money When You Travel This Summer

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Guess what, you’re not alone in wanting to travel this summer. The summer season in Canada is easily the busiest time for tourism. Thousands of people visit from other countries, and us Canadians are on the move too. It almost feels like Toronto is emptied over the weekends, as residents Google ‘car rental service nearby’, […]

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Is it Your First Time Travelling for Business? Here Are Handy Tips For A Smooth Trip

Is it Your First Time Travelling for Business_Here Are Handy Tips For A Smooth Trip

Secretly, behind all the grovelling business travellers do, we know you love it all. The razzmatazz of ‘going away for business’ is real, as are the pains. After all, you are travelling for work and your itinerary is designed for maximum productivity, not maximum comfort. There’s no dearth of business travel tips and tricks, some […]

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Not Sure If The Car You Want To Buy Is Right For You? 6 Things That Can Help You Decide

Not Sure If The Car You Want To Buy Is Right For You 6 Things That Can Help You Decide

You know, if 2018 was the year of the car facelift and mild refresh, new cars 2019 have stolen hearts! There’s a whole new crop of SUVs, sedans, pickups and crossovers vying for a place in your garage. And manufacturers have thrown in the kitchen sink too with their new cars 2019. All of this […]

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Review of The Month: Honda CR-V – The Perfect Intermediate SUV For Long Drives

car rental Mississauga, car rentals Mississauga, Mississauga car rentals, car rental in Mississauga, Honda CRV, crossover

Honda may not have created the crossover category with the Honda CR-V, but they sure made it desirable. When it first went on sale in 1995, the CR-V was in a relatively niche market. Today, buying or renting a spacious, high-riding vehicle with on-demand all-wheel drive is just normal. Our Mississauga car rentals desk sees […]

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What The Northwest Deuce Days Event Holds for The Automotive Enthusiast In You

What The Northwest Deuce Days Event Holds for The Automotive Enthusiast In You

It’s 2019 and many thought we wouldn’t see Northwest Deuce Days assemble again after their last meet three years ago. But we are so excited that the event lives on! The Northwest Deuce Days is one of the most popular classic car shows in Canada. So well-known is the event that you get owners from […]

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Is A Future Free of Private Cars Possible? Here’s How The Economy Will React

No private cars in the future? Don’t worry, Americans, your northerly neighbours aren’t ‘going commie’. It’s just the way of the millennial. Car sales may not show it just yet, but the evidence is all around: private car ownership is declining. Rather, it is the interest in private car ownership that is declining. It’s not […]

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