Secret Android Auto and Apple CarPlay commands you need to try in your Car Rental in Toronto

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are one of the most essential pieces of in-car tech in 2020. They let us do so much more behind the wheel while helping us drive safer too. But are you making full use of Google Assistant and Siri? Discover some hidden and secret commands and options that you should be using right now.

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Secret commands for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Both Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri have reached a point of intelligence where the questions we, the humans, ask are the limiting factor. The best way to discover hidden functionality is… just by asking. Many of the things we list below will seem obvious now, but they are ‘secrets’ because you have not thought to ask them. For instance, try asking, “Hey Siri/Google, what’s the best car rental in Toronto?”

Information at your fingertips

With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay comes the full power of Google and Apple search engines. Most people don’t look beyond “Hey Google/Siri, what’s the weather going to be today?” Dig deeper and you will find the smart assistant can answer much more complex questions too. Some examples are –

“Where is my next appointment?”

“Read me my last message”

“How’s the traffic en route?”

Both assistants have a lot of contextual information and can provide detailed answers. They can even perform web searches and read out results – something you can’t do while driving.

Communicating with different apps

Not every app is integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to read and send messages. Try saying “Read out the last message on …app…”. You can even ask Google/Siri to message someone using a particular app: by saying “Send a …app… message to …name…”.

Smarter navigation

Need to take a detour on the way? Want to know how long the traffic jam you are stuck in is? Google and Apple can navigate you to specific businesses like banks and gas stations, find fast food, and even tell you the expected delay en route. Though we’ll have to bear the ire of the Apple fanboys (and girls) and say Google Maps is still leagues more informative.

“Hey Google/Siri, entertain me…”

Bored on a long drive? Google Assistant and Siri can sing, tell you a riddle, and even start a hands-free game… if you ask.

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