Our Products & Services

Advantage Car & Truck Rentals LTD. is a leading local provider of vehicle rental services in the Greater Toronto Area, operating from 10 locations in

  1. Scarborough
  2. Markham
  3. East York
  4. Downtown Toronto
  5. North York
  6. Thornhill
  7. Vaughan
  8. Woodbridge
  9. Mississauga.

We have been renting cars and trucks since January 1984. We have completed more than 3 million rental agreements since 1984.

We, for the most part, operate the same cars as other car rental companies but where many companies read the corporate policy to their renters and staff, our representatives call for instruction, assistance or permission to bend or move a policy due to circumstance or ask another to get involved with the renter’s particular need “In The End … Service Wins”. We rent only “in warranty” current model vehicles, that are oil changed, tire rotated and serviced within proper guidelines.

By the nature of our business, we deliver daily a great number of cars to dealerships, body shops, accident scenes, commercial businesses and we pick up and return retail renters frequently; we are in the business of delivering service through the pickup of renters and the delivery of vehicles.

Advantage Car & Truck Rentals

Our Mission is to prove our motto “In The End … Service Wins”. Today, we live more and more in a digital world however, people still enjoy being touched by warm, friendly service, we see this every day. Therefore, we continue to focus on this corporate culture “In The End … Service Wins”

At Advantage we offer customers with a wide variety of vehicles and we regularly adjust our fleet type and levels to be consistent with demand.

  1. Economy
  2. Compact
  3. Intermediate
  4. Standard
  5. Full
  6. Small SUV
  7. Intermediate SUV
  8. large SUV
  9. 7 & 8 Passenger Minivan
  10. Premium
  11. Short & Tall Cargo Van
  12. 16 ft. moving Truck

are the classes and types of vehicles currently available in our fleet. We maintain a single fleet of vehicles for our operations in different regions of the GTA. We have developed processes to efficiently and effectively share vehicles between locations to maintain a high utilization and meet various customers’ needs.

Our car rental products and services are designed to meet the diverse needs of customers within the various segments of our business. We offer services to customers in need of insurance vehicle replacements, dealerships service, commercial, travel and leisure rentals. For insurance replacement rentals we provide fast, efficient 365/24/7 vehicle rental delivery services. Our customers in dealer service departments receive hassle-free delivery rental service.

Commercial renters also receive vehicle rentals delivered to match their business needs. Customers who rent vehicles for travel and leisure enjoy reliable new vehicles with competitive pricing with the option of picking up their rental vehicle from one of our locations or having it delivered to their doorstep. All customers are provided with 24/7 roadside assistance, along with many different optional protection packages, we offer customers with 3 types of Loss Damage Waivers, Deductible Waivers, Personal Accident Insurance and GPS options.