Need a big box on wheels for not much money? That’s easy. At Advantage Car and Truck Rental, the truck rental rate of one truck can be less than the price of the Starbucks coffees you buy for your friends/employees who help you haul! Incredibly low prices with the promise of a clean, well-maintained truck. Now that’s a seriously cheap and cheerful truck rental.

But not all rental services are like ours. Watch out for the warning signs that signal bad cheap van rental.

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Van rental horror stories

We have heard our customers tell us about some horrific van rental experiences they have had in Kijiji and with other rental companies. Here are a choice few:

I put on the seatbelt, and there was no tension in the belt it just hung over me.

The truck had a slightly foul smell up front but didn’t seem too bad with the windows down. When we opened the tailgate to load it, we saw it had manure stuck on the floor and the walls.

When we went to pick up the truck, it was okay, but after a few minutes of driving in traffic, there was virtually no brake pressure, and I was stepping on the brake pedal so hard!

I picked up a truck from a car-sharing company from a nearby parking lot. Tried to start it, but it refused to fire up. The fuel gauge showed the tank was empty.

In the middle of summer, this van I got off Kijiji had water splashing up on the floor and in the box. Of course, you can imagine how clean it was…

Advantage does cheap truck rental the right way

Renting a van from Advantage has many advantages. Let’s start with the fact that there are no hidden rental fees. What you see is what you pay, and our representatives make mileage and hourly rental charges totally clear. Our box and cube vans are also.”

  • Sanitized before delivery
  • Clean vans and trucks
  • Plenty of fuel in the tank
  • Van delivered to you

Having your van delivered to your doorstep (and picked up) is a huge bonus for our customers. It saves them a couple of trips – especially invaluable after a busy day hauling stuff.

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Rental car delivered to your doorstep | Keeping our customers safe during Covid-19

“How much does it cost to rent a cube van?”

Renting a cube van from Advantage Car Rental starts at $54.52 (including taxes and surcharges) for the entire day. This is for a 16ft van hired from a location in East York. Pricing can vary by location and demand.

“How much does it cost to rent a van for a day?”

A moving van (larger than a Ford Transit-sized vehicle) is available for less than $50 per day (including taxes and surcharges). Make sure you book in advance to receive the lowest prices.

“Can I take a rental van out of Toronto?”

Yes, you can take the van outside Toronto and anywhere within Ontario. We would advise taking a collision damage waiver when planning ahead for the trip. It adds little to the rental but adds peace of mind (for you and for us). If you are taking a van or truck outside the province of Ontario, make sure you legally drive a large vehicle in that province. Also, you must tell us in advance if you are taking the truck outside Ontario.

“Do I have to pay per kilometre?”

Our vans and trucks come with 150 km of mileage included in the price. So, you don’t pay for driving within the first 150 km. Any driving beyond that will be chargeable. Speak to a representative or check your online booking form to find out the rate for every additional kilometre.