Is it Your First Time Travelling for Business? Here Are Handy Tips For A Smooth Trip

July 20, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Secretly, behind all the grovelling business travellers do, we know you love it all. The razzmatazz of ‘going away for business’ is real, as are the pains. After all, you are travelling for work and your itinerary is designed for maximum productivity, not maximum comfort. There’s no dearth of business travel tips and tricks, some […] full post

Not Sure If The Car You Want To Buy Is Right For You? 6 Things That Can Help You Decide

July 20, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

You know, if 2018 was the year of the car facelift and mild refresh, new cars 2019 have stolen hearts! There’s a whole new crop of SUVs, sedans, pickups and crossovers vying for a place in your garage. And manufacturers have thrown in the kitchen sink too with their new cars 2019. All of this […] full post

Review of The Month: Honda CR-V – The Perfect Intermediate SUV For Long Drives

July 20, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Honda may not have created the crossover category with the Honda CR-V, but they sure made it desirable. When it first went on sale in 1995, the CR-V was in a relative niche market. Today, buying or renting a spacious, high-riding vehicle with on-demand all-wheel drive is average. Our Mississauga car rentals desk sees tremendous […] full post

Is A Future Free of Private Cars Possible? Here’s How The Economy Will React

July 20, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

No private cars in the future? Don’t worry, Americans, your northerly neighbours, aren’t ‘going commie.’ It’s just the way of the millennial. Car sales may not show it yet, but the evidence is all around: private car ownership is declining. Instead, it is the interest in private car ownership that is declining. It’s not all […] full post

Know About The Vehicle Expenses Tax Deductions That Could Save You Money This Year

July 20, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Tax season is just around the corner and most people dread the thought of it because of filling out piles of paperwork and paying the government a solid chunk of their hard-earned money. Did you know that you may be eligible for vehicle expenses tax deduction that could save you some money this year? If […] full post

Are Self-Driving Cars The Future of Rentals? Here Are Two Sides of The Coin

July 20, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Technology is continuously evolving, with innovations being conceptualized, invented, and developed and having the power to change the way of life. One such technological innovation that has dominated headlines across the world in recent years is the self-driving car. The very first driverless car got its initial test run in the 1920s and was called […] full post

The Quintessential Checklist to Tick Off When Planning For Road Trips with Car Rental Company

May 7, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

Do you have a road trip planned anytime soon? If you do then it is better if you get a car from a local car rental company like Advantage Car Rental. They allow you to enjoy a road trip with ease without any problems. Indeed, hiring a local car rental company in Toronto is one of the best ways […] full post

5 Instances Where Rental Cars Are Ideal for the Budget Oriented Millennial

May 7, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

They say millennial’s today must know two things, to drive and to cook. However, driving is easy, maintaining a car and its overall costs aren’t. So, if you’re an individual who doesn’t own a car, chances are you have a budget you like sticking to. Now, several times, if you’re late to work, have an […] full post

4 Common Reasons behind the Breakdown of Cars and How to Avoid Them

May 7, 2019 Car Rental and Travel Blog

When it comes to being late for work, or a sudden travel plan, nothing beats the local car rental company Advantage Car & Truck Rental Service. However, even after you hire a car from a good car rental company, a lot can go wrong. Consider this Scenario: You’ve just surpassed the airport and hired a car rental […] full post

Create The Perfect Couples Road Trip

December 4, 2018 Car Rental and Travel Blog

The Perfect Couples Road Trip February is probably the most romantic month of the year, Valentine’s day is right in the middle of the month, and the weather is perfect for cuddling and getting some one-on-one time with the person you love. Temperatures have been reaching the high teens, and all the snow has melted […] full post