Rental Policies

Advantage Rental Policies

Advantage Car & Truck Rental serves many communities across Ontario, Canada. Following are the policies that we have regarding all car and truck rental customers.

The following policies apply to all locations. Please review the specific policies as needed.

Customer Pick-Up and Drop-Off

We are pleased to offer this service for all of our customers. Advantage Car and Truck Rentals’ pick-up and drop-off services are designed to assist with the rental process, therefore this service is restricted within a reasonable geographical area within the city where the rental is to take place. Currently, customer pick-up or drop-off is limited to an area within several kilometer of the rental location. Any exceptions to this practice is at Advantage’s discretion and the specific location’s geographical pickup and drop off zone.

Rates and Price Quotations

Rates and prices vary greatly as with all businesses. All rates and prices are verified at the time of rental and the prices that are recorded on the documentation are received at the time of rental and are final, regardless of moment to moment verbal discussions.

Grace Period

Renters are allowed one hour (60 minutes) “grace” period upon return. If the rental exceeds the grace period, an hourly rate applies to a maximum of a daily rate. If the rental exceeds this grace period, ALL hours are subject to the hourly rate to the maximum of a daily rate.

Rate Disagreement

Any dispute in rates must be corrected at the individual location. As with all companies, online rates are subject to fluctuate on an hourly basis based on fleet availability factors.

Vehicle Types and Classes

We always endeavor to fulfill all customer requests for specific vehicle types or models, but due to the nature of vehicle rentals, Advantage reserves the right to change vehicle types or classes without warning or notification. These changes are at the discretion of Advantage staff and are without compensation or adjustment.

Deposits and Credit Card Use

The renter listed on the rental agreement must have a valid major credit card.

Proof of Insurance

When a personal insurance policy is being used to cover the vehicle, proof of a valid policy is required. In some cases, proof of insurance may be required for credit card policies if it is an out-of-the-ordinary circumstance. Most credit card policies are well known, additional proof will not be required when using a credit card policy to cover our vehicle.

All renters/drivers under the age of 24 must have their own automobile policy or be named as a driver on an active automobile policy.

Driver’s License, Additional Drivers and Driver’s Age

All drivers must have a valid license at the time of rental and all license(s) must be presented at the time of rental.

Additional drivers will be charged a fee of $6.95 per day CDN.

Driver(s) who are 23 and 24 years old will be charged a Young Adult Fee and be subject to a higher deductible. Minimum age to drive any vehicle is 23.

Kilometre Allowance

Mileage allowance is unlimited as long as the vehicle remains within the province of Ontario, Canada. If the vehicle is traveling outside of Ontario the kilometre allowance is subject to alter based on various factors. Renters who need to cross the border to U.S or leave the province of Ontario need to contact the location directly for further qualifications. Out of province surcharge of minimum, $20/day may apply.

A maximum of 3500 kilometres is permitted for any rental period.

Please Note: Some rental specials may have a different kilometre allowance policy. Ask our staff for details.

Pearson International Airport Shuttle

Upon arrival, please board the Link Train to Viscount Station, proceed down the stairs and use the courtesy phone to call our office for pick up. Our office is within 1 kilometre from the airport.

Terminal 1 – Train platform is located on Level 5 of the Terminal 1 Parking Garage. To get to the train platform from the terminal, take the West Pedestrian Bridge to the parking garage.

Terminal 3 – Train platform is located in the Terminal 3/Sheraton hotel pedestrian bridge. To access the train platform from the terminal, go to Level 3 of Terminal 3 and follow the signs up the escalator/elevator to the Sheraton hotel.

Please call Toll Free 1-866-672-0123 or 905-672-2063.


Fuel consumed during the rental period is the responsibility of the renter.

Alcohol and Drug Use While Driving

It is an offense to drive while under the influence of alcohol or any drug that impairs judgment (prescription or otherwise) and doing so will void any coverage that is applicable for the entire rental. This includes an insurance policy, gold card coverage or all coverages purchased from Advantage.

One Way Rentals

Drop-off fee of $75 applies for one-way rentals. Reservations that are made online for Pick-Up from a location and Drop-Off to a different location are subject to a $75 drop-off fee.

Further, all laws applicable to drivers and the use of a motor vehicle must be adhered to.