In Toronto, the only thing that’s more annoying than having to shovel off snow throughout the winter season is finding affordable parking spaces, which this problem persists throughout the year! The city has witnessed a sharp rise in population ever since the 1950s and has since emerged as the country’s financial capital. This has naturally resulted in a spike in on-road traffic, bringing it with the problem of parking spaces.

Builders of residential complexes in Toronto often charge a hefty fee for the parking spaces allotted to them by the government. This has led to people often relying on alternative options to commute, such as the city’s reliable public transport system or even cab services like Uber. Another emerging trend in the city is that of car rental in Toronto, as there are several options for those who want a car on hire in Toronto.

Rent a car on Demand

For those who are looking for cheap and free parking spots in the city, here we have compiled a few options that’ll prevent parking fees from burning a hole in your pocket!

Spot Angels: This simple website contains a map marking out the free parking spots throughout the city. It’s easy to navigate and understand; keep an eye out for what the different kinds of signs denote, as you don’t want to misunderstand the signs and end up paying a hefty fine. Moreover, this map also furnishes you with a list of cheap parking spots near you if you don’t mind fishing out a few extra dollars for your peace of mind.

Green P: This is the official mobile app launched by the Toronto Parking Authority, and it allows you to find a parking space near you with the help of your phone’s GPS. Its strongest features are its authenticity as well as its slick user interface. It also times your parking and prompts you to either top up or check out 10 minutes before your session is about to expire.

HonkMobile: This app lets you find and reserve a parking spot in over 2000 locations and boasts approximately 190,000 parking spots across US and Canada. It contains parking spots belonging to airports, hospitals and schools. It offers you hourly, daily and monthly parking options whereby you can pre-book a parking space and reserve it for yourself. Moreover, it has occasional discounts of up to 50%, meaning that you’ll be paying a lot less for the same amount of mental security!

ParkingPanda: You can either choose to browse through their app or their website. In addition to all of the features the other apps provide, this particular portal gives you access to the parking spaces of stadiums, sports arenas, and concert venues, amongst other things and also has a handy list of upcoming events in the city to help you chalk out your weekend plans!

However, if you’re in the city for a short term, the task of procuring a vehicle, maintaining it and then eventually selling it off can be cumbersome. It makes financial sense to opt for a temporary solution for your commuting. But even those methods have their demerits as cab services such as Uber can be slightly pricey, and on the other hand, the public transport system may not help you reach from doorstep to doorstep. In such a situation, rental cars in Toronto could be the ideal solution for you. You can find out more about rental cars.