4 Reasons behind the Breakdown of Cars and How to Avoid Them

Prevent Car from Breaking Down

When it comes to being late for work, or a sudden travel plan, nothing beats the local car rental company Advantage Car & Truck Rental Service. However, even after you hire a car from a good car rental company, a lot can go wrong. Consider this Scenario: You’ve just surpassed the airport and hired a […]

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5 Instances Where Rental Cars Are Ideal for the Budget Oriented Millennial

Car Rentals For Millenials

They say millennial’s today must know two things, to drive and to cook. However, driving is easy, maintaining a car and its overall costs aren’t. So, if you’re an individual who doesn’t own a car, chances are you have a budget you like sticking to. Now, several times, if you’re late to work, have an […]

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Changes Coming To Toronto Roadways!


Major Changes Coming To Toronto Roadways Toronto is a city of innovation and change, for proof just look at our skyline! The CN tower has dominated our lakeshore and was a marvel of engineering magnificence for its time and will proudly be a Canadian Icon well into the future. Toronto’s roadway infrastructure is no different, […]

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Getting Ready For A Long Road Trip

Suitcases and bags in trunk of car ready to depart for holidays

Simplify Your Next Road Trip With Advantage   This weekend I find myself heading to a wedding about 45 minutes on the other side of Ottawa and I could not be more excited. My friends are getting married and I get to visit our nation’s capital, something I haven’t done since I was very young. […]

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Last Minute Family Day Adventures


Last Minute Family Day Adventures! Family Day is on Monday and everyone has been looking forward to it since January 2nd when we all had to go back to work after winter break. Lots of people use the extra day to relax at home and stay away from the freezing winter winds but if you […]

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Create The Perfect Couples Road Trip


The Perfect Couples Road Trip February is probably the most romantic month of the year, Valentine’s day is right in the middle of the month and the weather is perfect for cuddling and getting some one on one time with the person you love. 2018 however, had different plans. Temperatures have been reaching the high […]

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean


5 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean Toronto has been experiencing severe snowfall over the last few months mixed with the odd week of above-average warmth which leads to muddy roads and dirty cars. Nobody likes having a dirty car and at this time of year it is almost unavoidable but here at Advantage Car […]

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Finding The Perfect Business Rental For You

Business Car Rental

Finding The Best Business Rental In Toronto One of the benefits of living in Toronto and the GTA is the complete diversity the city has to offer and we aren’t just talking about the amazing people who call Toronto their home. Pretty much any sort of “Goods and Services” you could be looking for is […]

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The 2017 Chevy Malibu

2017 Chevy Malibu Exterior

2017 Chevy Malibu Review Some cars are sporty looking head turners while others are more comfort-focused with a less than appealing exterior but what if there was a car with a sporty exterior and a luxurious interior? The 2017 Chevy Malibu combines a sleek exterior and an unbelievably comfortable interior to create the newly redesigned […]

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February Events In Toronto


February Events In Toronto You Can’t Miss!   From frigid -30 windchills to plus 5 degrees and rain in a matter of days. Ontario has been experiencing one wild ride of a winter. Just like the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, you too will have a hard time deciding what to do […]

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