Car Rentals or Cabs? Guidelines for Making a Better Commute Choice

Advantage Care Rentals

Toronto is the capital of its province, Ontario, and home to people from all around the world, making for a culturally diverse community. Decorated with a beautiful skyline and points of interest across the entire city, it begs the question; “How does one get around in Toronto – hailing a ride or renting your own?” […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Car Rental in Toronto for Long Trips

Advantage Car & Truck Rentals

Spring is upon us and you have already mapped out every second of your upcoming road trip. Whether it is a long drive to visit family or a road trip planned with a friend, a rental car is always a great option. However, here are 5 things that we recommend you keep in mind before […]

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5 Perfect One-Day Getaways around the Greater Toronto Area

Advantage Car Rentals, Car rentals for long trips, BrucePeninsula

We, in Toronto, work hard. One busy week follows another, and, before we know it, a long weekend is upon us. In and around Toronto, there are plenty of locations to which one can plan a trip in advance. However, having little time to spare on one’s hands and a voracious desire to travel doesn’t […]

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Best camping spots in Quebec

advantage car quebec camping best campsitesadvantage car quebec camping best campsites

Are you searching for the perfect spot to visit to escape the busy city routine in Toronto? Or are you exploring quick holiday options for the next long weekend? Try some of the amazing camping spots in Quebec. It has multiple water bodies that means there are various scenic camping spots and is at a […]

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2020 Kia Soul: The car that can do it all

advantage car 2020 kia soul

Sporting a quirky design, Kia Soul is a subcompact crossover SUV that is ideal for urban cities like Toronto. Now in its third generation, Kia Soul has continued  to improve its quality ratings and evolve its style. Read on to learn about some of the key changes, upgrades, and other breakthroughs in the 2020 Kia […]

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Is it cheaper to buy a car or get a rental car?

advantage car blog long term car rental

Less than $27. That’s how much it costs to rent a fully kitted out sedan like the Honda Civic for one full day from Advantage Car Rental. With rates as affordable as that, is it any wonder long term car rental has taken off in recent years. Cheap monthly car rentals have become extremely popular […]

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How a car rental saves you money

advantage car blog cheap car rental

If you live in the big city, cheap car rental can save you a lot of money. We’ve seen a trend in Toronto of millennials and Gen Z foregoing car ownership. Instead, they are relying on rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, using public transport and renting cars when they need to. Here are some […]

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What to look for when buying a used car

advantage car blog used car checklist

Shopping for a used car can be quite challenging, especially considering how big an expenditure it can be. Sometimes you can easily end up with a faulty vehicle (a ‘lemon’), no matter how knowledgeable you are with cars. The whole process might seem overwhelming at first, but when done right, buying used can prove to […]

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Decoding the writing on tires

advantage car blog decoding tire writing sidewall

At first glance, the writing on your tire’s sidewall may seem like an amalgam of random letters and numbers. But that alphanumeric jumble can tell you a lot more than you than expect. In fact, learning how to read tire numbers will give you great insight into the exact type and size of your tires […]

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Subaru Outback 2020: Out to break the CR-V & RAV4 Duopoly

advantage car blog subaru outback 2020

Honda and Toyota have been competing in the compact-crossover game ever since they launched the CR-V and RAV4 back in the 1990s. These models have managed to gain a pristine reputation over the last couple of decades, as they became two of the best-selling crossovers across Canada. In fact, they gave birth to the term […]

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5 Best Dash Cams for Canada

advantage car blog dash cam garmin

As a car owner in Canada, acquiring and installing a dash cam is one of the most necessary and useful investments you can make. Driving inevitably entails the underlying possibility of mishaps. Sometimes, no matter how good of a driver you are, accidents will happen. As Mississauga most respected car rentals, trust us when we […]

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Car Review: BMW 3 Series 2020 Set to Retain Hold over Canada’s Heart

advantage car blog bmw 3 series

Actually, there’s a fallacy in that title. The BMW 3 Series for 2020 will win over hearts all over again. And, yes, the new bigger grill has something to do with it. Before we talk about the upcoming ‘3’, let’s take a look at what the BMW 3 Series (2019 model) did not quite get […]

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Safe Driving Tips for Autumn Driving in Ontario

advantage car blog autumn safe driving tips

Stop! Just because there’s no snow or ice on the roads doesn’t mean Ontario driving in the autumn is any easier. Fall in the province means leaves. Add water to the mix and you can land in a world of hurt. In this article we are listing out some simple, no-cost and very effective safe […]

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