Canada is vast and perfect for road trips. But big distances can make for expensive car hire and curb your plans, right? Wrong! Check out some simple car rental tips and save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on a rental car and explore this spectacular country the way it is meant to be – by road.

Car rental deals

This one’s fairly obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who don’t look for car rental deals. Virtually every rental desk has offers on long-term rentals and free upgrades that can save you a pretty penny. Look at a rental company’s social media pages for discounts or browse their app to find savings.

Save on the car

If you are booking through our OnDemand app, you’ll see that virtually every car – regardless of size or category – has the full complement of tech. Nowadays, compact sedans are just as effective mile munchers as pick-ups. Find the cheapest rental car you are comfortable with, and you can save nearly 50% on daily rental costs!

Drop it off where you pick it up

One-way penalties can hit hard if you are travelling a long way. Instead, plan your trip so that you return the car where you picked it up. That doesn’t mean you have to drive back the same route. Take a different highway on the way back, and you can discover a whole new part of the country!

Credit card rental car insurance

If your credit card offers rental car coverage, it’s a great way to save. Just make sure it covers all the days of your rental, is applicable for out-of-province travel, and provides comprehensive coverage. If you rent for a couple of weeks, the rental company may have a deal on discounted insurance.

Relocation trips

Relocation is hard to find at car rental desks but is available for RV rental and truck rental. It basically means you are driving the vehicle back to its home base, for which the company gives a substantial discount on rental charges and may even cover fuel costs.

Road trip ideas as Covid-19 lockdowns lift

The Covid-19 lockdowns are lifting just in time to fit in a couple of road trips.

Coast to coast!

Ordinarily, we’d say this is a bit of a stretch, but given we’ve been cooped up at home for more than four months, it’s the best way to let off some steam. The Trans-Canada Highway is one of the world’s longest roads, extending more than 8000 km coast to coast! The beauty you will cross is simply indescribable, so we won’t even try.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton

An incredibly beautiful ocean-side drive that goes around cliffs and has some of the most spectacular cliffs in the world! No wonder it’s ranked by Travel+Leisure as the #1 island destination in the U.S. and Canada. Don’t forget to scuba dive, kayak and sightsee on the way!

Stratford, Ontario

Normally the home of Shakespearean theatre and best known for the cultural Stratford Festival, this year it’s likely to be a little more subdued due to Covid-19 physical distancing. Still, there are world-class dining patios, cafes, and wine bars (don’t drink and drive!) around to keep you occupied. It’s also the shortest road trip, making it much easier to plan. Whatever road your heart fancies, rent a car from Advantage Car Rental. We have followed the highest standards of sanitizing for our fleet. Our fleet comprises late-model cars. For some of the most affordable car rental rates in Toronto and the GTA, use our booking form or visit us on social media.