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Advantage Is Now Offering 2019 F-150 Pickups

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You may have thought of renting one for your next move, but you may also consider renting a truck if you’re:

  • Taking furniture to another location, like a family member’s home, an unfurnished house or a second-hand furniture store.
  • Working on a building project or renovating your home, to haul things like hardware, building materials, and large power tools. Save time by transporting it all in one trip.
  • Bringing home large purchases like lawn equipment, hot tubs, bikes or motorcycles home, if delivery services are expensive or unavailable.
  • Carrying audio and stage equipment to musical or artistic performances.
Ford Transit Rear
As a business, you may need to rent a truck if:
  • You occasionally deliver furniture or large purchases to your buyers.
  • Your company truck is undergoing repairs.
  • You operate a catering business and deliver to venues and events.
  • You run a gift shop or clothing boutique and need to transport a large order to your establishment.
  • You’ve just established a business that involves making regular deliveries. Renting a truck until you buy your own can help you get your business off the ground.