You know, if 2018 was the year of the car facelift and mild refresh, new cars 2019 have stolen hearts!

There’s a whole new crop of SUVs, sedans, pickups and crossovers vying for a place in your garage. And manufacturers have thrown in the kitchen sink too with their new cars 2019. All of this means you are left wondering ‘what car is right for me?’

When you buy new cars 2019 you won’t have to wonder if it has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay (finally!).

5 things to help you decide which of the new cars 2019 is right for you

Fraught. The one word that describes this endeavour best is fraught. No two people have the same need or even the same the metrics by which they judge cars. One person’s four-wheel-drive grip is another’s highway fuel-guzzler. Whether you’re in the market for a raging BMW M5 or a sedate Honda Civic, we’ll make sure you ask the right questions before you buy.

In the truest form of diplomacy (and it is that season), this article tries to stay away from subjective questions like Civic vs Corolla (it’s the Civic, of course).

What body style?

Small hatchback, sedan, pickup truck, SUV or crossover: you have many body styles to choose from in the crop of new cars 2019. Crossovers have become the de facto buy, replacing the sedan. People love their high riding position, the commanding view of the road and the extra space they can get with a crossover or SUV.

But don’t count out sedans and hatchbacks just yet. They remain some of the most rewarding cars to drive, and they don’t sacrifice comfort. Sedans and hatchbacks typically offer better fuel economy too – and greater performance.

To see how comfortable you are driving a larger car or how it feels to live with every day, you can easily (and cheaply) rent from downtown Toronto car rentals. You get the feel of owning a car, unlike short test drives that are over before they started.

Staying on-road or venturing off-road?

It’s a running joke around the world that owners of all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles need them to drive over leaves…on the road. But this is Canada. With months of snow and ice, we forget there’s even a road under our tires.

If you need only a new commuter car in 2019 that won’t venture out of the city, a front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive car should suffice. But if you’ll be taking longer trips, four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive is your best bet. Two centimetres of snow never looks deep till your car starts slithering about like a wet eel.

Does it have the latest and greatest in-car entertainment?

When you are looking to buy new cars in 2019, your in-car entertainment should be front and centre. Even if you are not big on scrolling Facebook as you drive, you have to ask yourself: ‘what will it feel like after four years’. And safety kit is too often bundled as a ‘tech package’ too.

In-car entertainment adds (and subtracts) tremendously from a car’s perceived value. And an old system will make an otherwise pleasant vehicle feel outdated. Here’s what you should have in your car:

– A large screen
– Android Auto
– Apple CarPlay
– Upgradeable maps
– Internet connectivity

If the model you are considering doesn’t offer all of these, don’t fret. Just check online reviews to see if you can install an aftermarket unit. These may work out more cost-effective than the manufacturer’s offering and can be upgraded too.

Will it keep me and my family safe?

Things like airbags and safety tech will not only make your drive safer, they can help cut down on insurance rates too. After all, a car that’s less likely to be involved in an accident is better for insurers. Traction control and anti-lock brakes are par for the course today. In new cars, 2019, look for things like:

– Blind-spot monitoring
– Automatic emergency braking
– Lane departure warning
– 360-degree bird’s eye view camera systems

Also, check safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These will give you a good idea about the protection the car provides in the event of a crash.

Get a new car from a car rental in downtown Toronto to see how these systems work. There is a world of difference between interacting with the car on the road versus sampling it in the showroom.

Should I buy a hybrid?

Look, all new cars 2019 will leave you scratching your head over this one. There are quite a few options to consider: go electric, hybrid or stick purely with fossil fuels. And if it is a hybrid you are looking for, then should you go for the plug-in type that charges off the grid or something recharges its batteries while driving? Ask these questions instead before buying an electric or hybrid vehicle.

– Will you drive it mostly in the city or on the highway?
– Can you charge it overnight at home or at work during the day?
– What is its electric-only range?
– Are you comfortable with the brakes?
– Is it giving you range anxiety?

Don’t forget, real-world driving will reduce the car’s claimed electric range. It is a good idea to test one over a longer period with car rental downtown Toronto has. We can even tell you what our customers have to say.

Will it be reliable?

No matter how much manufacturers try and tell you that all cars are reliable these days, don’t fall for it. Even in this age of reliability, some are more reliable than others. Car reviewers are great at power slides, but how many talk about what the car is like to live with? Here are a few things to help you find the diamond from the dog.

– Warranty – There is a reason why Kia, Hyundai Canada and Volkswagen offer industry-leading warranties of up to 10 years. A short warranty period or scant coverage could indicate the manufacturer itself isn’t confident about its vehicle.

– “(Make) (model) (year) problems…” – Search for this on Google and you should be able to get a good idea of the kinds of problems owners have been facing. Since new cars 2019 haven’t been on the market that long, look for cars with fewer negative reviews. Problems this early in their life can mean big bills a few years down the line.

– Word of mouth – Your friends, family and colleagues have cars; ask them what that brand has been like to live with. Dealer and service experiences will be eye-opening and you’ll be able to cut through the carmakers marketing jargon.

Car rentals Toronto is a great and inexpensive way of finding the right car for you. Hire one for the day or take it for a short weekend getaway (you’ll earn some brownie points with your significant other too).