Secretly, behind all the grovelling business travellers do, we know you love it all. The razzmatazz of ‘going away for business’ is real, as are the pains. After all, you are travelling for work and your itinerary is designed for maximum productivity, not maximum comfort.

There’s no dearth of business travel tips and tricks, some useful some fanciful. Ours is firmly on the useful side of the fence, and you will definitely thank us for these.

Keeping you powered up

The quintessential tool of the business traveller is the smartphone – and the iPad, smartwatch, laptop, noise-cancelling headphones. And they are all waiting to run out of battery at the most inopportune moment.

Invest in a large power bank from a well-known brand, and keep your electronic companions powered up. We’d recommend something with at least 20 Ah (Ampere-hour) of charge. Newer power banks also have USB-C ports, which can actually juice up your laptop on the go.
Beware! Most airlines around the world now require you to keep power banks in your carry-on. And you are not allowed to carry a power bank with a maximum rated power output of over 100w (don’t worry, most aren’t).

What to look for: Skip the no-name battery banks; buy one from a reputed seller, like Anker or Mophie; multiple ports will let you charge more at once.

Jet set not jet lag

Who better to quote than Richard Quest: “don’t be afraid to say I’m tired…become a nap-a-holic.” There is no getting around the disruption your circadian rhythm is going to go through after a long flight. You shouldn’t fight the urge to sleep; take short naps to help your body cope.

Since jet lag is such a real concern, no wonder there is a thriving ‘jet lag industry’. And there is a fine line between voodoo and beating jet lag. Sleeping pills, ‘jet lag bracelets’ and blue light glasses are all out to eliminate your jet lag.

What we recommend: Comfortable clothes; sleeping.

Carry only a carry-on

If it’s been said once, it’s been said a hundred times (and it has): don’t check bags at the airport! It is the single biggest time-waster every business traveller must avoid at all costs. You have to queue to check your bag in, probably a pay fee for it, and then queue at the baggage carousel to pick it up.

Instead, buy the biggest carry-on you can get away with and travel light. You don’t need to heave every suit and dress you have, nor do you need all 317 pairs of shoes. Make combinations that you can rotate and get your clothes laundered at the hotel.

What you need: A well-designed and light stroller; read reviews to find one that fits into most airlines’ overhead bins.

Break the queue

Here’s the ultimate tip for making your business trip as smooth as possible: reduce your queuing. Not checking in a suitcase, using priority check-in, and ‘members-only’ hotel lines can save you hours.

If you enrol for NEXUS, CLEAR, TSA Pre-Check, Global Entry and other travel programs you can save upwards of 30 minutes at airports and border crossings. And little things like ordering your Starbucks cuppa ahead of time will speed up your schedule by a few more minutes.

Choosing the right car rental service in GTA will not only save you from having to queue, but it’ll also make your travel really seamless. A local car rental GTA will arrange for your car to be picked up at a convenient location. So, not only are you not queuing at the rental desk (with other weary travellers), you aren’t spending hours scouring the car park.

What to do: Register with NEXUS, CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check (your credit card may cover annual fees); download food and coffee apps; find a local car rental service in GTA

Local, not glocal car rental GTA, Toronto

A journey is not complete once you are out of the airport or train station. In fact, for most this is now the most frustrating part of the journey – renting a car from one of the big rental companies.

You know the service you get at the big car rental firms. Long queues, constant complaints of poor customer service and bad cars are part and parcel of life if you go with one of the bigger renters. And you always end up asking, “Why are we paying so much for so little a car?”.

The first benefit of choosing a local car rental agency instead is that it can save you money, making your company’s bean counters happy. A local car rental GTA, for instance, doesn’t have the massive administrative and advertising costs that must be passed on to you. This not only means more affordable car rental but also better cars. Customer service at a local car rental GTA, Toronto or other location will also be much more responsive.

What to do: Call Advantage Car Rental GTA; get your vehicle delivered where you want it

Car Rental GTA, Toronto

At Advantage Car Rental Toronto we follow a simple formula to keep clients happy: reliable, clean cars and easy access. Our clients love our delivery service, where we drive cars straight to their doorstep. Call us today and find out how we can get your business trips off to a great start.