Rushing at 5 pm from work to pick up your rental car before the office closes? Worse still, you’ve booked using a car-sharing app, and when you reach the location in the cold and rain, you realize that the interiors are filthy… or someone’s stolen the fob that lets you out of the private parking (yes, that’s a real-life story). It sounds awful, but what do most people experience when renting a car in Toronto or the GTA?

How wonderful it would be if your car (late model 2019 or 2020), professionally cleaned and maintained, is delivered exactly where you are. And it gets picked up once you are done. It’s not a dream we’re peddling – that’s just how Advantage Car Rental works. We are a ‘traditional’ car rental service that does things a little differently.

How do you get your car delivered to your door?

  • Make a booking with Advantage on our website or over the phone
  • Call the location at which you have reserved your car
  • Tell them you want the car delivered/picked up from
  • Tell them when you want it delivered, where it should be parked
  • We’ll tell you what the charges are (if there are any)
  • Your car will reach exactly when you want it
  • You can also schedule pick up for when your reservation is complete

Our delivery service saves you a two-way Uber fare or bus ride too!

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Do rental car companies deliver?

No, most car rental companies in Toronto (and GTA) don’t deliver vehicles to customers. Advantage Car Rental is the only rental company that will bring the car to you at your home, workplace, hotel and airport.

Will Hertz deliver a rental car?

No, Hertz does not deliver cars. Some Hertz desks offer pick-up and drop-off shuttles.

Does Avis deliver rental cars?

No, Avis in Canada does not deliver cars. Some desks offer free pick-up and drop-off shuttles.

Does Enterprise deliver rental cars?

No, Enterprise does not deliver cars. Some Enterprise desks offer pick-up and drop-off shuttles.

Does Zipcar deliver rental cars?

No, Zipcar does not deliver cars, trucks or vans to its customers. There is no shuttle service.

Does Turo deliver rental cars?

Yes and no. Turo does not have any dedicated delivery, pick up or drop-off service of its own. However, the person who has put their car up for sharing may offer to pick up and drop off and even deliver if they feel like it. Best of luck gambling.

The problem with ‘shuttling’

‘Shuttling’ is what most companies describe pick-up and drop-off services; that is to say, they will pick you up and drop you off – not the car. Sounds not bad, right? There are a few problems with that.

  • Most will have a maximum distance policy (15 minutes or 7 km from the office)
  • Not every desk offers this service
  • The service can be cancelled if everyone’s busy
  • Airport locations almost never offer pick-up or drop-off

Better service than all the other big car rental companies

We have identified and perfected what all customers like:

✔           Courteous and polite staff

✔           Clean and modern cars

✔ Punctual car service

✔           Low prices

✔           No hidden charges

✔           No surprises

Choose Advantage and get your rental car delivered to your doorstep. Now there’s no need to search for “rental car near me.”