If you live in a big city, cheap car rental can save you a lot of money. We’ve seen a trend in Toronto of millennials and Gen Z foregoing car ownership. Instead, they are relying on rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, using public transport and renting cars when they need to.

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Here are some valid reasons why the young generation doesn’t believe in the car ownership dream.

  • Living in the big city means parking woes
  • Taking the car out of town means worries about insurance 
  • Getting the car serviced is expensive and inconvenient

If you live in a well-connected city like Toronto (and the Greater Toronto Area) is, then you really only need a car in the short and medium term:

  • For business trips and meetings
  • While on holiday
  • For running errands
  • For special occasions

For the few days in a month you need a car, get a cheap car rental, instead of having your own car sit and depreciate for weeks at a time.

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Tips and tricks for saving money on your next Toronto car rental

Choose a smaller car 

Look for deals – Every rental company has deals and promotions running for cheap car rentals. Find them on the website and you can save a lot on your rental.

Loyalty pays – Sign up for loyalty programs. As you accumulate points, you can apply them towards big discounts. Earning status with the program will reward you with free upgrades and rental days.

Use the right card – Many credit cards offers additional cash back and reward points for car rental transactions. 

Keep the car overnight – If you can, keep the car overnight. Most car rental companies let you keep the car overnight for free or for a very small charge – that’s 9-12 hours of car use for free!

Pick-up and drop-off at the same location – There can be an additional charge if you opt for a drop-off location that’s different from the pick-up. 

Don’t forget to refuel – Make sure to drop the car off with the same amount of gas as it had when you picked it up. The rental company will likely charge a lot more if they do it.

Advantages of cheap car rental compared to…

  • Buying a car – Thousands of dollars in down payment; cost of winter tires; monthly insurance; registration fees; servicing costs; occasional ‘touch up’ costs
  • Taking rideshare frequently – An extremely expensive way to travel; feasible only for short distances/duration; multiple journeys in one day can cost more than a monthly car rental(!)
  • Monthly lease for parking lot – In Toronto, in parts of Markham, Scarborough and Etobicoke parking is not a guarantee; street parking can be expensive to purchase; insurance premiums rise

Cheap car rental in Toronto

Looking to rent a car in Toronto for a business trip, a weekend getaway or a long time? At Advantage Car Rental we have a large selection of vehicles for all budgets. Visit our website or speak to us to get affordable car rentals from as low as $19.95 per day!