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Moving Truck Rentals Woodbridge

Choose Advantage Truck Rental Woodbridge for new, clean, disinfected and sanitized rental vehicles at affordable rates. We offer a broad range of truck rental categories to suit your moving needs, from cargo vans and 16ft cube trucks to 20ft Hinos. With our fast online booking process and excellent customer service, we will get you to your move quickly and efficiently in Woodbridge.

  • You occasionally deliver furniture or large purchases to your buyers.
  • Your company truck is undergoing repairs.
  • You operate a catering business and deliver to venues and events.
  • You run a gift shop or clothing boutique and need to transport a large order to your establishment.
  • You’ve just established a business that involves making regular deliveries. Renting a truck until you buy your own can help you get your business off the ground.
Renting Trucks in Woodbridge Since 1984

Advantage Truck Rentals Woodbridge

Advantage has been in the business of renting trucks in Woodbridge for over 35 years. We offer affordable rates on top quality rental trucks. Our extensive fleet features a range of trucks from pick-up trucks and cargo vans, 16ft cube trucks and 20ft Hino trucks. Let us help you satisfy your moving truck needs!

By the nature of our business in Woodbridge we deliver daily a great number of trucks to dealerships, body shops, accident scenes, commercial businesses and we pick up and drop off retail renters along with serving them at our multiple truck rental locations.

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Reserve your moving truck rental near me in Woodbridg with Advantage Truck Rentals website using any type of device or call the toll-free number and one of our friendly agents will assist you with reserving your moving truck. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to book your moving truck rental in just seconds.

Choose one of our Woodbridge moving truck rental locations for pick up and drop off. Make sure to choose your pick up and drop off dates and time precisely. Give yourself enough time to get to the truck rental location for pick up and drop off considering the time of the day and other factors such as rush hour to avoid late return fees. Last but not least, before completing your truck rental booking make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions. Once you have completed your rental booking, you’ll receive the details of your truck rental booking via an email and SMS confirmation.

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Your reservation typically comes with 1 hour grace period. If you’re running late to pick up your moving truck rental in Woodbridge please call the designated location and let one of our agents know that you’re going to delay and they’ll hold the reserved vehicle for you.

At the time of picking up your Woodbridge moving truck rental make sure to have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. Driver’s license and credit card need to be under the same name.

You will be provided with mandatory and optional coverages. If you have your own transferable coverage, make sure to have a proof of coverage at the time of picking up the rental truck. If you don’t have your own valid insurance coverage policy for truck rentals then you need to purchase Advantage’s Loss Damage Waiver.

You will be asked to sign the rental agreement either electronically or on paper and you’ll receive a copy of the agreement. Make sure you go over a few items before you leave the truck rental lot. Inspect your rental truck and determine if there is any damages such as dents or scrapes. Part of your rental agreement includes the description of your rental truck’s condition. If you notice anything on the rental truck that’s not mentioned on your rental agreement, please bring it to the lot attendant or the rental agent’s attention so they can make sure it’s recorded before you start driving.  Familiarize yourself with the truck. Adjust the mirrors and seats to your liking, and figure out how to turn on the lights and windshield wipers. Get comfortable operating the entertainment system and GPS (if available). You don’t want any unneeded distractions once you start your journey.



We ask you to make sure to follow the rules when it comes to driving your moving truck rental Woodbridge because your safety is important to us.  At Advantage Truck Rentals Woodbridge all vehicle rentals come with 24/7 free roadside assistance. On your rental agreement at the bottom left hand side you can see the roadside assistance toll free number for the specific vehicle make of your truck rental. You are more than welcome to use Advantage Truck Rental vehicles on toll highways. Keep in mind that there is going to be an administration fee plus to the toll charges charged on your credit card if you decide to use a e-toll highway. Try your best to not get any parking tickets during your rental. In case if you do get a parking ticket, you’ll have a certain number of days to pay for it online yourself. Otherwise Advantage will have to pay for the ticket and will charge you the ticket amount plus an administration fee.





When it comes time to return your moving truck Woodbridge to the location, there are some important things you need to know to avoid any additional charges. If you didn’t purchase pre-paid fuel at the time of picking up your rental vehicle, when you return your truck, you are required to bring it back with a full tank of gas. It is a good idea to find a gas station that is close to the truck rental location so that you can make sure the tank is completely full. If the tank is not full, you will be charged per littre for the cost of re-fuelling. When you return the rental truck, make sure you take all of your personal belongings with you. A representative will check the vehicle for any additional damage that has been incurred. If you have purchased Loss Damage Waiver, and you have not broken the terms and conditions of your rental, you will not be responsible for the cost of any damage over your deductible. If not, your credit card will be charged for the repair costs. Before you leave the depot, you will be responsible for paying any outstanding charges. This include any fees for late return, fuel charges, and fees for exceeding mileage limitations (if any). Certain truck rental locations will allow you to return the truck after hours. It is best to check with the location you are planning on returning the moving truck to, and asking about their specific policies. Generally, an after hours drop box is located at the location, where you return your keys. You will need to have this pre-arranged with the location. If your plans change during your rental period, please phone the depot to make sure they do allow after-hours returns. Make sure you have locked the moving truck, and taken all of your belongings with you. It is important to note that your vehicle will not be checked for damage until the next business day, meaning you will still be responsible for any damage that occurs.

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