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Long Term Truck Rentals

Advantage Truck Rentals Toronto proudly offers long term truck rentals at great deals. For your peace of mind, all of our long term pick up trucks, cargo vans and cube trucks come with free 24/7 roadside assistance. With over 10 car rental locations in the GTA, Advantage is always there for your long term truck rental needs. Be it for one week, 3 weeks, a month or longer.

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Advantage Car Rentals

Advantage has been in the business of renting trucks for over 35 years. We offer affordable rates on top quality rental trucks. Our extensive fleet features a range of vehicles from full size pick up trucks, cargo vans, 16ft cube trucks to 20ft hinos. Let us help you satisfy your rent a truck needs!

By the nature of our business, we deliver daily a great number of trucks to dealerships, body shops, accident scenes, commercial businesses and we pick up and drop off retail renters along with serving them at our multiple car rental locations.

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Short term truck lease vs long term truck rental

Some truck dealerships offer you to lease a truck for months, but the lease cannot be cancelled. They typically require you to lease a truck for 36 months and low mileage included per month. With Advantage long-term truck rental, you can rent your truck for yourself of your business for as long as needed, whether it’s three weeks, a month, or longer. Additionally, there is no cost of maintenance to you and you get 24/7 free roadside assistance.


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Long Term Truck Rental for Businesses

Your business relies on trucks for on-time delivery. To keep you on schedule and your customers satisfied, rent a well-maintained truck from Advantage.

  • Reliable vehicles for maximum uptime
  • A dedicated professional service staff

Professional Service

To spec the best truck for performance and operational fit, our fleet specialists sit down and talk with you about payload, travel time, terrain, driver comfort and more. Our access to the latest manufacturer information and our buying power ensure we can get what you need—when you need it.



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