Long Term Car Rentals

Long Term Car Rentals

A long-term car rental is often the best solution for drivers who regularly change cars, but here are a few situations in which a long-term car rental is certain to suit your transportation needs:

  • You are planning an extended vacation
  • You often travel on business trips
  • You are an international student or you obtained an internship
  • You have a limited budget and are not planning to purchase a used car
  • You are expecting important changes in your travel needs

Is a long-term car rental the right solution for your transportation needs?

There are many advantages to a long-term car rental. Listed below are a few you could benefit from by renting with Advantage Car & Truck Rentals starting today:

  • No contract renewal or return required for the rental period
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Free same-class vehicle exchange
  • Qualified additional driver at no extra cost
  • The possibility of driving a new car at a lower monthly rate
  • Driving your rental without worrying about maintenance costs
  • Courtesy car provided during repairs

The longer your rental, the lower your rates! Advantage Car & Truck Rentals offers long-term rentals – from 30 days to 6 months – at the best rates for all your car rental needs.

Call one of our representatives today or reserve your vehicle today and start taking advantage of your long-term car rental!