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Long Term Car Rental Toronto

At Advantage Car Rental we provide total mobility solutions, including flexible long-term car rental. For customers who want to rent a car for a month or more, we offer great rates for long term rentals in Toronto. Speak to our representatives if you need to rent a vehicle for a few weeks or longer. We maintain a fleet of new cars. Choose from hatchbacks to full size sedans or luxury SUVs. Our cars are meticulously maintained, to guarantee reliable motoring on Ontario’s roads.


The CAR you need, WHEN you need it, WHERE you need it.

If you don’t find Advantage car rentals locations in Toronto close enough to you or you don’t find it convenient to be picked up and brought to our off airport location in Downtown Toronto to pick up your rental, we have the best solution for you. We deliver the long term rental car anywhere in Downtown Toronto and will collect it from you when you’re done. No more waiting for subway, buses or wasting money on ride-shares to pick up your rental car. We deliver and collect car rentals so not only you can save time and money but also relax. Life is too short, your health and safety is number 1 priority. Simply download our On Demand Car mobile app and have the rental car come to you and collected from you.

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More About Renting a Car Long Term


Benefits of long term car rental in Toronto

Whether you are in Toronto for an extended period of time for work or leisure, or require a vehicle while your own car is in the shop, long term cheap monthly car rentals are great options. At Advantage we go the extra mile. Our staff will drop the car off at your doorstep, and pick it up when your booking comes to an end.

Our 24/7 customer support is available whenever you need any assistance with the vehicle.

Need to use an Express Toll Route? Don’t worry, with Advantage Car Rental you can use any ETR and pay for it later. We’ll just add it to your bill once you are done.

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Traffic Information

After picking up your Advantage car rental in Toronto there are some important things you should know. Traffic in the Downtown Toronto area can be unpredictable and there are often disruptions during rush hours. We recommend using a Google maps, Apple maps or Waze to find the fastest route to where you need to go. It’s always a good idea to check out the City of Toronto’s website for any specific road restrictions. Paying attention to street and road signs is crucial as there are often parking and speed restrictions. Also, note that right turns on red are never allowed, and left turns are not allowed during certain hours on some streets in Toronto.


Long Term Car Rental for Business Travels

Toronto is the center of finance, media, culture and fashion in Canada. When you find yourself in the city on business you may need to go from meeting to meeting, on your schedule. That is easy to do with a car rental, with the right planning ahead. As for parking, you will find many options including garages, lots, metered parking on the street, and free street parking. Just be sure to compare prices for parking garages and lots, as they can vary wildly.



Long Term Car Rental Vs Short Term Car Lease

There are some car dealerships that will lease cars for a few months, typically a minimum of 30 days. However, they have lock-in periods and cannot be cancelled. There may even be a restriction on mileage.

With long term car rental you can rent the a car for as long as you want. The duration of the rental can be a few weeks or for as long as you want. Most vehicles have unlimited mileage, making it a true own car replacement.

Monthly car rental rates are also great value, especially once you factor insurance into the cost.

Fill out our form or call us to book long term car rental in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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