Whether it is for your own car or a rental these 4 easy tips will make your next road trip a breeze!

The Shower Caddie

This has been one of the best car life hacks I have ever come across simply because I cannot think of a time where I haven’t used it while out driving. The idea is simple just buy one of those shower caddies college kids use to get to their stuff to the dorm room showers and instead of filling it with soap and your toothbrush fill it with the thing you might want to have on hand on long drives. Snacks and tissues are always great to have, gum, hand sanitizer and a little section for small garbage also work great.

Pack Blankets and Pillows

Depending on the length of your trip chances are your passengers will want to nap so keep a few small blankets and pillows handy, this not only keeps everyone comfortable but they are also handy to have in your car in case of emergencies.

Shoe Organizers

If you have kids this trick could be a lifesaver in keeping the occupied for the trip. Hanging a shoe organizer from the back of the front seats puts all of your kids books and toys within arms reach so if the get bored of one thing they can pick something else to do immediately,

Pair this with a USB charging hub which can be purchased at the dollar store to keep all devices charged and within reaching distance of the passengers.

Apps Are Your Friend

In this technology obsessed world we live in their is pretty much an app for everything. Gasbuddy tells you where the cheapest gas is while Waze gives up to date directions that factor in travel speed and construction all in celebrity voices.

Check out articles on Must Have Car Apps for more details.