7 Must Have Apps For Every Driver

Waze &

While the navigation apps that come already installed on your phone are all fine and well none of them hold a candle to Waze. Waze is a community-based app which means people are always updating in real time, who knows the road conditions better than people taking the same route as you? The main selling people for most people are the plethora of different voices you can choose from for the app including multiple celebrity choices which have included Kevin Hart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Leno, and even Morgan Freeman!


GasBuddy is one of those apps that as soon as you have it you will wonder how you ever got along without it, GasBuddy gives you a list of the cheapest gas in your area and sends you notifications of when gas prices are about to spike. By far the best part of the app would have to be the rewards because it is a community-based app they have incentives for people to report gas prices, the more prices your report the more points you receive which you then use to enter draws for free gas certificates. In this day and age knowing where to find the cheapest gas is an amazing resource and the chance to free gas is pretty great too.

Roadtrippers &

If you are renting a car from Advantage Car and Truck Rentals for a road trip look no further than the Roadtrippers app to give you the best trip possible. Think of Roadtrippers as Yelp for your trip, it will send you reviews of local restaurants, gas stations, truck stops and even local sights making sure you don’t miss a thing. Roadtrippers also connects with your computer so you can plan your route and share it with the group before you leave.


One of the biggest problems facing drivers these days is distracted driving. It’s hard not to be distracted while you drive, the entire world is in your pocket, friends, family, and even work can now get ahold of you at any time and it is tempting to answer. This is where Drivesafe.ly comes into play, the app will allow you to answer calls, read your text messages and even read your Twitter and Facebook updates if you like. All of the buttons in the app are large and easy to read so on the off chance you do need to touch your phone while using the app it can be done at a glance so you can get back to keep your eyes on the road.


It is a sad truth but accidents do happen even to the most vigilant of drivers, minor fender benders are a part of everyday life. iWrecked helps you record everything you need in the case of an accident, it will tell you exactly what information you need from the other driver, takes pictures of the damage and any other notes you need to take for insurance or legal purposes. We at Advantage highly recommend the app because it is also very helpful to record any incidents to rental cars as well making the whole situation easier for the renter and us as well.


There is a reason everyone has heard of Spotify, it is the best music app on the market. Listen to a variety of playlists based on your mood, activity, and genre preference streaming does not eat up much of your data on your phone but if you upgrade to the Spotify Premium you can download the playlists to play at any time and not use any of your data. In addition to music, Spotify boasts a massive podcast library ranging from a variety of subjects, you can even download them for the later use without upgrading to Premium.