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Production Vehicle Rental

Filming in Toronto? Let Advantage Car & Truck Rentals handle your transportation needs

Are you a production company tasked with providing transportation for your star performers or stage crew?
Advantage Car & Truck Rentals would love to have the opportunity to assist you in providing car and truck rental service for your next show, performance or production.
Simply put, for us, renting cars and trucks is exactly what we love to do. We work at it diligently every day because we are continually aware of the changes in the industry and our customers’ demand.

Over the past 10 years, Advantage Car & Truck Rentals has provided unique services to numerous Film Production Companies in the Greater Toronto Area to fulfill their vehicle rental needs during their productions.

Whether you’re filming on location or taking the show on the road, an Advantage Film Production Specialist can handle the entire car & truck rental needs of your cast and

With our car and truck rental delivery services and 24/7 on-site customer service, we make your film, television or commercial production nothing but easier than ever, that no one else can.

We pride ourselves on being able to locate the perfect Car & Truck for your project absolutely at any time restraints.

Be it daily, weekly, monthly or longer, we offer the largest fleet with a variety of most recent model cars and trucks.

We will dedicate an agent for the entire process of your production to ensure that your production will enjoy all the program benefits.