Renting A Car For The Perfect Weekend

At Advantage Car and Truck Rentals, we want to make sure that no matter what your vehicular needs, we can handle it. We offer a wide range of brand-new cars, trucks and SUVs at the most affordable prices in the GTA.

Since spring has arrived and the beautiful Toronto area weather is just around the corner, we have comprised a list of the best car rentals for whatever your weekend plans may be. Whether you’re out with your special someone, your family or your friends, there is a car, truck or SUV ready for you.

Car Rental For Couples

Nothing shows your partner how much you care more than a spontaneous trip, heading out of the Greater Toronto Area for some fresh air and some peace and quiet. Spring is the perfect time of year to head out of the city; the trees and flowers are blooming, it’s not too humid yet that you can’t go outside, and cottagers have not yet started to clog up the 404 trying to escape.

So what car is the perfect car to show that special person you care?

The Jaguar XF

The Jaguar XF is the perfect rental for any couple looking to break up the routine and try something new. Renting a Jaguar XF from Advantage means two things, you’re going to have fun, and you’re going to look amazing doing it.

Beautifully designed inside and out, the XF is at the top of its class in both performance and comfort.

Everything about the XF is different, how it looks, how it drives, how it’s British; if you want to show someone that they are in for a trip, they will never forget this is the car to rent. Not only does the Jaguar XF turn heads because of how it looks on the outside, but the intimate detailing of the interior provides a nice little touch that’s sure to draw the eye of anyone you are trying to impress.

Once you decide to rent the XF, where do you go? Advantage recommends the Drive-In Movies; if you do not have a car of your own and are renting one as a special treat, the drive-in provides a chance to do something you could not normally do, plus mixing a luxury car with the down-home feeling of the drive in provides the perfect date night atmosphere.

When it comes time to show your partner how much you care, be sure to rent the Jaguar XF from Advantage Car and Truck Rentals and show them a night they will never forget.

Renting A Car With Friends

Is there anything better than a well-deserved weekend away with your friends after a long week? Maybe you’re headed to a hockey tournament or to a cabin up north to unwind and tell horror stories about micromanaging bosses and perpetually broken copy machines. No matter what you and your friends have in mind, Advantage has the perfect best friend-getaway rental.

The Ford F150

This is the ultimate weekend warrior rental, it’s spacious, and it has a tonne of room on the back for all of your gear. One of the biggest selling points for this truck, if you really want something to make the weekend POP is a feature you may not expect is the sound system. The media system is incredibly easy to operate whether your hook up via Bluetooth (recommended), aux cord or USB; everything is super simple to navigate and use.

It goes without saying the F150 offers a tonne of room for cargo in the back, but the cab is also huge; 5 fully grown men would have no problem fitting in the truck, with legroom to spare.

For a friend’s weekend, we recommend you pay for a second driver on the car because chances are more than one person will be driving; adding a second driver is inexpensive and very helpful in case of an emergency.

Advantage Car and Truck Rentals recommends renting the Ford F150 and spending a weekend at a cabin; it is kind of like camping but with more home comforts. The truck makes it easy to transport all your luggage, food and outdoor gear without taking up any passenger space.  

Renting For A Family Trip

Normally, this is where any other car rental place would tell you to load the family into the minivan and hit the road, but Advantage Car and Truck Rentals isn’t like other car rental places; we’re better. Minivans are great cars, and we do offer a few models ourselves but if you want a truly memorable weekend with the kids, try a mid-size SUV to kick off your getaway.

The Honda CRV

The Honda CRV was made for families it comfortably seats five and has enough room in the trunk for 3 large and 2 small pieces of luggage. If you have a long drive ahead, the incredibly comfortable seating, combined with how the CRV seems to just glide down the road, will put you at ease as you traverse the initial city traffic before hitting the open roads.

There is also a number of USB and car charging ports throughout the car, making sure everyone’s devices can remain charged and stopping fights from erupting in the back seat over who gets to charge their phone next.

There are plenty of places to take a weekend vacation with the family all over southern Ontario; Advantage recommends taking the family north to go fishing or hiking through the many parks all over the Greater Toronto Area. Camping is also a great alternative, especially if your family does not get the opportunity to leave the city very often.

The CRV is perfectly equipped to fit your whole family, plus the gear you will need for an incredible weekend away.