Why The 2017 Honda Civic Is The Perfect Summer Car Rental For Toronto

Driving around Toronto in the middle of summer can be tough, people flock from all over the country to check out our incredible sites, eat at some of the best restaurants in the world and go to Blue Jays games hoping to be at the one game where they actually win this season. All of this combined with the fact that everyone who lives in the downtown core seems to always be trying to leave for the weekend and everyone living outside the city is always trying to get in.

Luckily Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has you covered with the perfect car rental in Toronto for exploring and escaping this beautiful city.

Renting A Civic For A Weekend Getaway

People have a lot to deal with living in downtown Toronto, unreasonable housing costs, never-ending construction, unreliable public transportation and exploding hydro vaults to name a few. It’s no wonder a lot of residents want to spend their summer weekends outside of the city. Ontario has a lot to offer outside the confines of 400 series highways, but traveling can be pricey especially with today’s gas prices. Enter the 2017 Honda Civic.

Advantage Honda Civic Rental

When traveling outside of the city there are a few things that you have to keep in mind such as how far you’re going and what you’re bringing with you. The Civic boasts an impressive 36 MPG making it one of the most fuel efficient rental cars we offer.


Cars with such great gas mileage usually have to compromise on things like cargo space and passenger room in an attempt to make the car smaller and lighter, but the Civic has managed to do with without giving up anything and perhaps having one of the most comfortable back seats available today.

If you’re visiting family or are headed for a weekend getaway the cargo space in the 2017 Civic is second to none so you can rest assured that all of your luggage and your cooler full of goodies will fit with room to spare.

If you’re looking to escape the city this summer, the Honda Civic is the perfect rental car to get you out without breaking the bank on gas while still having enough room for you and your friends.

Renting A Civic To Explore Toronto

For as much flack as Toronto gets from people both inside the city and out, it is an incredible place to visit. Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America and one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, millions of people from all walks of life call Toronto their home. The amalgamation of different cultures works together to create a city filled with amazing food, incredible shopping and so much to see a full weekend is barely enough time to cover it all.

Heading to Toronto for a weekend in the summer is an incredible way to spend a weekend with family and with so much to do you will want a car that can keep up.

As spacious as the Honda Civic Sedan is, it is still a compact car so while there is a lot of space inside it still isn’t a very large car. Being able to fit in the tiny parking spots and easily parallel parking are key aspects to Toronto driving and the Honda Civics small size and the incredible backup camera makes it a breeze. 


The navigation entertainment system may be one of the best parts of this rental car, seamlessly integrating your phone, your music and an incredible navigation system that allows you to navigate traffic and construction with ease. The navigation system is incredibly important for people who are not used to driving downtown. Streets turning into one ways for no particular reason and no left turns and no right turn signs on every other block can make things a little confusing but the Honda Civic will have you navigating the Toronto streets like a pro. 

No matter how you choose to spend your weekends we want to make sure you have the absolute best time possible, and this summer, that means renting the all new, super stylish 2017 Honda Civic from Advantage Car and Truck Rentals.

Rent A Honda Civic Today For As Low As $25/Day