Simple Tricks For Travelling In Toronto

Whether you are in Toronto visiting and need a convenient way to get around the city or you’re a local just looking for a rental car to drive while your car is in the shop Advantage Car and Truck Rentals is your hassle-free solution.

The Traffic Infrastructure in Toronto is very well laid out especially compared to some other cities but there are always ways to make your trips a little easier. We have compiled a list of our favourite ways to get around the city in the best time possible.


Avoid Highways During Peak Travel Times

The one downfall of the Toronto highway system is that all traffic in and out of the city is funnelled through 2 major entrance and exits on either side of the city so depending on where you are heading traffic can get pretty heavy.Heading into Toronto in the morning during rush hour ( between 8 and 10 ) or out of the city ( between 4 and 6:30 ) on the Don Valley Parkway or Highway 427 is where traffic is the heaviest.


In a perfect world, you would just plan to not use those highways during peak hours but we all know that that is not always possible but there is a little trick to escaping the gridlock. If you are using the map on your phone or the GPS in the car, go into the “Options” menu and choose “Avoid Highways” and you will be taken alongside roads instead of major routes. Depending on the time of day this can be the fastest and most scenic route to take.

Advantage Tip!

If you are new to city driving or have not driven in a city with streetcars before, the law says drivers must stop behind street cars even if you are in a different lane, people exit from the front, middle and end of the street car and most stops involve the pedestrians having to cross a lane before getting to the sidewalk.



Plan Ahead For Food And Gas

Apps like GasBuddy and Yelp make finding gas and restaurants super but don’t leave it until the last second before your looking for gas or a place to eat. Gas is usually cheaper in suburban areas away from the city but no so far away that companies charge more to deliver the fuel. GasBuddy will tell you the best prices for gas wherever you or you can input your destination and it will tell you the best gas prices along the way. Gasbuddy even rewards you with money for inputting gas prices you see along your travels, this ensures up to date information for other drivers with the added incentive of paying you.

Fuel for the driver is just as important as fuel for the car, a full stomach means you are more alert and less distracted so you can focus on the road. Packing a lunch is the economical way to eat while you’re on the road but if you are looking for something different try yelp or google to find regional favourites along the way.  Get the most out of your rental car by visiting local spots you may never be able to visit again. Yelp has user submitted reviews and ratings that make choosing your next meal a breeze! Search through people’s comments on Yelp pages to see what dishes they recommend! This is a great way to find regional favourites and try foods you may never have had before!

Advantage Tip!

Always carry around cash with you for parking, while most public parking lots in the downtown core have machines that take credit cards and even accept payment through your phone but some parking lots, especially near large venues, have manned booths that require cash and depending on your location that can cost anywhere from 5 to 25 dollars an hour.



Choose The Right Rental Car

Choosing the right car or truck to rent when you are trying to get around Toronto is very important, the streets are very narrow and parking can be tough depending on where you are trying to go. It is always a good idea to stick with a smaller car like the Ford Focus or Honda Civic. These cars are made for city driving, the are small, sleek and incredible on fuel. As an added benefit the smaller cars have very little blind spots which are a must when driving in ay major city with bicycle lanes and street cars always around you.

If you are doing something that requires a vehicle larger than a car then you certainly cannot go wrong with a Ford Escape or an Infiniti QX50. A mid-size SUV offers a lot of the same comforts are a full-size SUV while making it more suited for busy city driving.

The extra storage in the back also comes in handy if you are heading out the city for a weekend or maybe just looking for a change of scenery. Multiple large pieces of luggage can fit in the trunk of our midsize SUVs so no matter your plans there will be room for everything.

Advantage Tip!

As a general rule of thumb, it is great practice to book a car that is a little larger than you will think you will need. If it is just you needing the car to get to work than a compact car would be fine but if you have a family or will be driving long distances with others it is always nice to have that little bit of extra room.


Once you get the hang of navigating Toronto streets it is really quite simple to get around as long as you pay attention to what’s around you, you will not have any problem traversing our beautiful city!