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Here at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals we want you to stay safe this winter. Canada is known for its ever changing weather, you can drive through snow, sleet and ice all in the same one hour drive. To help you on your way during this harsh season we have compiled a few simple tips that will make you a safer and more confident driver.

1) Turn Your Lights On

Lets start with an very simple and easy to remember tip, turn your lights on, this may seem like a no brainer but it is easy to forget to turn them on during the day. In a snow storm the lights not only make things clearer in front of you but your taillights being on will also help reduce the risk of someone rear ending you.

2) Do Not Pump The Breaks

All of the cars we rent at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals come with ABS, Anti Lock Breaking System, This means the breaks will pulse by themselves if the car is losing traction while braking. If you pump the breaks the ABS will not kick in, so if you feel like the car is skidding on ice, simply apply constant pressure and the ABS will do the rest.

3) Clear All The Snow Off The Car

While everyone scrapes the snow off the windshield and rear window, it is important to clear your rear seat windows as well to keep your blind spots clear.

Make sure to also clear all the snow off of the roof of the car so it does not fly back and obscure the visibility of the car behind you.

4) Do Not Use Cruise Control

Cruise Control works by the driver setting a certain cruising speed and letting the car regulate speed, if a car starts to hydroplane in heavy rain or slip on ice it will slow down but the car will attempt to go faster in order to maintain speed, which can cause the car to lose control.

5) Learn How To Control A Skid

This is by far the hardest step to learn because it requires going against your instincts if the car slides out of control. If you find yourself spinning out of control on the road turn into the skid and accelerate, this will cause the weight of the vehicle to shift to the rear and give you better traction and make it easier to regain control.

Follow these five simple steps and you will be an absolutely prepared and confident driver this winter season.