Dodge Grand Caravan

Who doesn’t love minivans? They are one of the most versatile vehicles on the market and probably the comfiest thing you will ever drive. Vans are huge in the rental business because they can do so much! Need to get the whole family to Christmas dinner? Done! Need to move your stuff out of your parents basement? No problem! A Grand Caravan can do it all and if you rent one from Advantage Car and Truck Rentals this week it could be your way of getting all your Black Friday shopping home this weekend.


The interior is where the Dodge Grand Caravan shines, driving around in the captains chair makes you feel like exactly that, a Captain. There is ample room between the front seats to store whatever you need to keep close at hand. The Caravan also boasts seating for 7 which is more than enough room for the whole family. The second and third row seats completely fold flat to create more storage space if you need to move any large items.


Everybody knows you don’t rent a Caravan for its looks and that’s fine they have never been known for their sleek exterior. Although in recent years The Dodge Grand Caravan has started to look more like a crossover SUV than a minivan.

Gas Mileage

With an impressive 25 miles per gallon highway and 17 miles per gallon city, you won’t be breaking the bank driving across the GTA.

The Drive

Just like I said earlier, driving a Dodge Grand Caravan is a fantastic experience. The drivers seat is huge and comfy and can be adjusted in all sorts of ways to make sure you have the most comfortable drive possible. It handles incredible well driving down the road, the steering is responsive and the brakes are smooth, it truly feels like driving a cloud down the highway.

Why Rent This Car?

At Advantage Car And Truck Rentals we recommend the Grand Caravan to people all the time because it can do pretty much anything you need it to do, it is a work horse and a commuter, it’s great for moving cargo and kids. If you need to go somewhere with a lot of anything, be it family members or holiday gifts, The Dodge Grand Caravan is the perfect car for the job.

Ben Billesdon