The Ford Fusion is one of the most versatile cars Ford is currently producing, it has the design of a luxury car that any business person would be proud to own coupled with the cargo space needed for driving the family to grandmas house. Here we will be taking a closer look at what the Ford Fusion has to offer.


We are truly in a resurgence of mid level sedan styling, gone are the days of huge rounded fenders and cluttered fake wood dashboards, today’s Fusion looks like someone combined an Aston Martin with a Honda. The front grill is wide and intimidating like a foreign luxury car and it transitions seamlessly towards the back of the car with the sleek angles of a high performance race car.


The Interior is where the Fusion really shines, everything is incredibly simple to use while still looking amazing. The gauges are large and easy to read with options to show gas mileage, kilometres and speed in the centre screen as well as the normal gauges you would expect in a car. The radio and Bluetooth are easy to use and set up and answering phone calls is as easy as pressing a button on the steering wheel. The seats are very comfortable, with a number of options for lumber support and angles and all sorts of things to make your ride as comfortable as possible. A lot of people say they beat seat is somewhat small but at 6’4” I find it a little cramped but not nearly as bad as some other cars from this class.

Gas Mileage


22 miles per gallon city, 34 miles per gallon highway, or 26 mpg combined.

The gas mileage is really quite impressive for this car given it’s general size. I have done quite a bit of driving in this car and maybe have to fill up about once a week or so.

The Drive

Driving down the road in the Ford Fusion is an incredibly comfortable experience. Even though it is mid size sedan the responsive handling and the wide wheel base makes you feel like you are being held to the road making corners and lane changes a breeze with no worry of over steering. The Blind Spots are fairly minimal so you always know where other drivers are when your going down the road. Just driving down the road is fun there is very little engine noise in the cabin not to mention the suspension and wide wheel base makes the car feel like it is floating on air driving down the street.

Why Rent This Car?

This may be one of the most versatile cars in our fleet, it is perfect for taking the family away for the weekend or as a way to get around town when you are in for work. The Ford Fusion is, in fact, the perfect way to show off with out looking like your trying to hard.