The Perfect Rental Car For Your Vacation

Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year in Canada, The nation’s natural beauty is revealed by the blankets of snow that cover our landscape in the winter. There are hidden gems all across the country, many close to home here in Ontario, from Hamilton, the waterfall capital of Canada, all the way to the shores of Lake Simcoe and beyond. If you are planning on taking a week-long vacation this summer, Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has a vehicle for every type of vacation you could possibly take.

The Couple’s Car Rental

As the saying goes, Summer is the season for lovers, and if you and your special someone are looking for an inexpensive way to spend your vacation, renting a car and travelling throughout Ontario may just be exactly the thing for you.

Our Honda Civics and Chrysler 200Cs are the perfect cars for people looking to get away with one other person. While these cars are certainly roomy enough for a whole family, they can also make for a very intimate experience as well. Play your favourite music through the Bluetooth system, set your destination in the GPS and hit the road.

The incredible fuel economy presented in both vehicles is perfect for longer trips; both cars will allow you to go further and spend less time and money at the gas station. Besides fuel efficiency, the most important thing about choosing your road trip car is the comfort factor. The 200C and the Civic are both very comfortable, but the 200C is a bigger car, so if you have lots of baggage or are planning on buying a lot over the course of your trip, the 200C is absolutely the car for you.

The Rental For Relatives

Do you and your family have travelling to do this summer and aren’t quite sure how you’re going to get there? Advantage Car And Truck Rentals offers many different kinds of family vehicles that are perfect for getting your family around Toronto and The GTA. Your biggest deciding factor when choosing a car rental will certainly be the size of your family. Obviously, the larger your family, the more space you will need.

For a small family/group (3-4 people), a mid-size SUV would be perfect, and the Honda CR-V is up for the job. The CR-V is known for its surprising amount of rear seat legroom; no matter who takes the rear seat, you can rest assured they will be comfortable. The CR-V is also very good-looking, so if you want to roll up to the family reunion in style, this is the perfect car rental for you and your family.

For larger families/groups (5-8 people), there is only one option, and that is, of course, the minivan. We offer two different kinds of minivan rentals at Advantage, the Dodge Caravan and the Toyota Sienna. The Dodge Caravan is the gold standard these days when it comes to minivans, they are large, fun to drive and offer a tonne of passenger and cargo space. The Sienna offers just as much as the Caravan in terms of rental, except it has an eighth seat in between the two middle seats, so if your family/group has eight people, this is your best option before you will have to rent two cars.

The Adventurers Automobile Rental

Canada has so much to explore; both summer and winter offer so many different activities, and if you consider yourself a weekend warrior, these are the rides you need to keep up with your active lifestyle. If you want a vehicle that matches your excitement and lust for adventure, the Ford F 150 matches your expectations and then blows them out of the water. Are you an avid camper looking to take your wilderness adventures to the next step? Or do you want to pack up your paddle board and visit one of Ontario’s many lakes and rivers? Renting a pickup truck like the Ford F 150 will not only handle all of your gear, but you will be riding in style and comfort the entire time.

Stepping into this F 150 makes you feel like you rented a luxury SUV. It is unbelievable how much space your passengers will have when riding in the F 150, there is even enough space in the centre console between the driver and front passenger seats to fit a laptop. As for the bed of the truck, the dimensions are 5 feet 6 inches long and 4 feet 2 inches between the wheel wells, with plenty of room for all of your adventure gear.

Whether you are looking for a car for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adventurous road trip with friends Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has a vehicle to meet all of your needs.