Clean Your Car

Toronto has been experiencing severe snowfall over the last few months mixed with the odd week of above-average warmth which leads to muddy roads and dirty cars. Nobody likes having a dirty car and at this time of year it is almost unavoidable but here at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals, we have a few tricks we would like to pass on to you that will keep your car clean.


Here are 5 car cleaning tips from car cleaning experts.

Use Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats come with most new car models as an incentive from the manufacturer. Toyota has incredible mats that come with their winter packages that cover almost every square inch of floor in their vehicles. If your car didn’t come with rubber mats from the factory, they are fairly cheap to buy aftermarket that can be cut to fit the exact layout of your vehicle.

Cleaning the mats is super easy as everything just gets washed away with water and a rag.

Cleaning Salt From The Carpet

In order the get rid of the ice on the roads after a storm the city puts down salt on the roads. Salt is fantastic for melting ice and horrible for car interiors. It seems like the salt has a mind of its own getting on every possible surface.

If gone unchecked the salt will harden into the carpet making it almost impossible to clean. The trick is the old maids’ mixture of warm water and vinegar. Make a 50/50 mix in a spray bottle, apply to the salt, let it sit for one minute and it should just wipe away.

To get rid of the vinegar smell, running the floor vents on high with cool air and the windows down should push out most of the smell.

Purchase A Multi-Clean Car Wash Pass/Oil Spray

Cleaning your car to keep it clean in the winter may sound so obvious that it doesn’t need to be said but cleaning the dreaded road salt off your car could save you money down the road. Road salt is incredibly corrosive and will cause the undercarriage of your car to rust quite quickly.

Getting your car oil sprayed in the fall costs 50-70 dollars and they coat the entire bottom of your car in a thick oil mixture that acts as a barrier against your car and the debris on the road.

The Multi-Wash Pass will allow you to get more car washes for less money when you buy them all at once. Washing away the salt will protect your rims, brakes, and paint.

Practice Safe Driving

Another no-brainer but it really works. Avoid terrain that can expose your car to corrosive elements. Deep snow can get packed in your wheel well, causing rust as well as awful road noise.

Another great way to avoid dirt and mud is to take the roads most traveled. This may lead to a bit more time in traffic but all the cars driving before you will have caused a lot of the snow and salt to dissipate causing clear roads for you.

We have a more in-depth article on Winter Driving Safety Tips here.

Winter Cleaning Quick Tips

These are the tips that don’t require an explanation or How-To. Just easy to follow steps to ensure a clean car.


  • Seat covers are great if you have small children in car seats so the stuff on their boots doesn’t get everywhere.
  • Keep an extra bottle of washer fluid in the trunk in case you run out mid drive.
  • A good quality snowbrush will save you major headaches in the morning when removing the snow from your car.
  • Put together a small car care kit that includes window cleaner, auto wipes and air freshener that you can keep in the truck.
  • Know your shoes before getting in your car.