The New Ontario Distracted Driving Laws


Ontario already has some pretty strict distracted driving laws and rightfully so, distracted driving results in someone getting injured in Ontario every half hour. New laws just passed that will make the penalties even tougher and it is won’t be long before they take effect. At Advantage, we want to make sure that safety is everyone’s number one priority.

Distracted Driving is not only limited to answering calls or texts. The law also includes checking your phone look at your GPS or to change a song. It is against the law to use a portable DVD player or e-reader while driving (obviously) but even simply holding your phone while driving will result in a fine. Eating while driving also counts as distracted driving and if convicted can lead to a fairly hefty fine. A final thing to remember is that this isn’t just while you are moving either, checking your phone at a red light or stop sign is illegal as well.


Current Distracted Driving Penalties

G, A,B,C,D,E/F License

  • $490 Fine if settled out of court
  • $1000 fine if a summons is issued or taken to court and you lose
  • 3 Demerit Points


G1, G2, M1, M2 License

  • 30 Day suspended license on first conviction
  • 90 Day suspended license on second conviction
  • Canceled license and removal from the Graduated License System on third conviction


New Distracted Driving Penalties

  • Fine Maximums increased to $2000 for first convictions
  • Up to $3000 for subsequent convictions
  • 3 Day license suspension on first convicted for anyone with a full license
  • 6 Day suspension for second conviction
  • 30 Day suspensions for third and any further convictions

Your license will not be allowed to be seized by an officer on the side of the road. The suspension will only begin after a judge finds you guilty.


How To Prevent Distracted Driving

  • Familiarize yourself with the controls of the vehicle, specifically the infotainment systems.
  • ‘Connect your phone to the Bluetooth system and be sure to allow the car to access messages so they can be read to you while driving. (ask attendant for assistance if you need help)
  • If you use your phone as a GPS or to play music bring a phone mount that allows you to mount your phone in a stationary place within your field of view.
  • Ask a passenger to answer your phone if applicable.


Distracted Driving affects every, it is important to make sure you keep your eyes on the road. You won’t only be saving money, you may just be saving someone’s life or even your own.


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