The Official Advantage Car Rental Quick Guide

Renting a car can be an exciting time especially if it is not something you do on a regular basis. Our motto is “In The End… Service Wins”, these are the words we live by and as an extension of that we have put together our list of things to do before, during and after you rent your car or truck.

Before You Rent Your Car

  • Make sure you have a valid credit card in the renter’s name ready. This will cover a small deposit and will make sure you are covered by insurance through your credit card company if provided with your CC.
  • Have your valid driver’s licence ready, no photocopies, we need the original.
  • If there is going to be a secondary driver they will also have to be present with their driver’s licence as well.
  • Read the Car Rental Contract thoroughly and ask the associate assisting you to answer any questions you may have.
  • If you are running late please call ahead to let the car rental location know your estimated time of arrival.
  • Go with the rental associate as they perform the circle check of the vehicle and help them look for any pre-existing damage there may be on the car. Two sets of eyes are better than one. We are in the process of digitalizing the vehicle condition inspection so all potential existing minor unrepaired damages will be computerized. 

After You Receive Your Rental Car

  • Make yourself familiar with the vehicle, adjust the seats find the switches for windshield wipers, turn signals and hazard lights. It is better to do these things while you are still at the rental office so any questions you may have about the vehicle can be covered by the rental associate.
  • Connect your phone to the Bluetooth so all calls and your own media can be streamed through the car.
  • Do a test drive of the car around the block, making sure you feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel, getting a feel for the acceleration and the brakes. Again, it is best to do this close to the rental office so any concerns you have about your rental car can be addressed immediately.
  • If you do not know how to get where you are going be sure to set your destination before you leave, the car’s navigation will not let you set a destination while the car is in motion.

Returning your Rental Car

  • Be sure to return your rental car with a full tank of gas to avoid a refuelling fee.
  • If you are going to be late or are returning the rental car to a different rental office than the one from which you received the car please call ahead to let us know so arrangements can be made to expect your return.
  • Do another circle check with the rental associate to see if any damage incurred during your time with the vehicle and to match any previously documented scrapes or dents on the rental if there were any.
  • Check under the seats and in the glove compartment for any personal items that may have been left behind.

Follow this guide and you will surely have an amazing car rental experience.

Safe Travels!

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