Spring Car Maintenance Tips


Canadian winters can be tough on cars, the fluctuating temperatures, snow and ice and salted roads can wreak havoc on your car. Follow these few simple tips to make sure your car makes a smooth transition to the warmer months.


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Check Your Wipers

The constantly changing weather conditions we faced throughout the winter in the Greater Toronto Area this year may have caused the rubber on your wipers to stiffen and crack.


Check Your Oil

This one may seem pretty obvious but it is far and away the most important step in vehicular maintenance. Temperatures can get pretty hot during Toronto Summers which means more of a strain on your car’s engine.


Change your Tires From Winters To All Seasons or Summers

Winter Tires are specially made to be driven in the winter. driving with winter tires on your car in the warmer months can mean unnecessary wear on your tires as well as affecting your gas mileage.


Check Your Air Conditioning

Check Your A/C now before it gets too hot. Living in Canada means there are 6 -7 months a year where you never need to turn on your air conditioning. This leaves all kinds of time for belts to get worn, hoses to get clogged and refrigerant to leak.


Give Your Car A Really Thorough Wash

Driving through all the salt and sand throughout the winter that covers our streets car cause a lot of problems on the bottom of your car. The sand can get lodged in places it shouldn’t be and the salt can cause rusting. So before you hit the road stop by a car wash and make your ride shine.


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