2018 Kia Rio Car Rental Review



Make the last few months of summer count, rent the 2018 Kia Rio from Advantage Car and Truck Rental. The Kia Rio is a compact hatchback that is the perfect rental for anyone looking for style and fuel efficiency. The best choice for anyone that has a lot of running around to do or for someone needing to replace their car while their own is in the shop.

Subcompact cars like the Rio were made for city and suburb dwellers but don’t think it won’t be able to handle a trip to the cottage! The Rio is surprisingly spacious for its size, combine that with sub compact fuel efficiency and you have a winning car rental ready for whatever you have planned!



Depending on why you’re renting, a good looking exterior can be the first thing you are looking for. The Kia Rio is a great looking car, with a fantastic front end and sleek curves going from the windshield to the rear of the car in a great looking high to low design. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a hatchback. Hatchbacks have been growing in popularity over the past few years due in part to the trend of Hot Hatches that started in Europe and Asia but are starting to make a splash in North America.

The 2018 Rio is bigger than the 2017 model by 0.6 inches which may not sound like a lot but they used that space to add extra safety features like extra reinforcements on the frame. Safety is important to all of us and that 0.6 inches are well worth the peace of mind. 



One of the often overlooked benefits of the hatchback is the added headroom for the rear seat passengers, it is a nice bonus in a rental car because you never know what will happen and who will end up in your back seat. The Rio Hatchback also increased in space behind the rear seats from 15.0 to 17.4 cubic feet making trips up to your friends’ cottage even easier. The Rearview camera has a very wide angle, making it easy to see everything behind you.

The Front dash is perfectly laid out with radio and Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel so your hand never have to leave the wheel while you’re driving! The Bluetooth is exceptionally easy to set up, automakers are finally coming to the realization that more than one person will likely drive any given car so they have started streamlining the connection process.


Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency is incredibly important to anyone renting a car, and the Rio is one of our most fuel efficient models. Boasting an impressive 8.8L per 100KMs in the City and 6.5L per 100KMs on the highway you will be able to pass gas stations without a worry in the world!


The Drive

Renting the Kia Rio will be a very enjoyable experience to anyone who is not used to driving subcompact cars, especially if you’re used to driving big trucks or SUVs. Small cars like the Rio accelerate and brake a lot quicker than other cars because they are not very heavy. The Rio is very agile, easily taking sharp corners and sliding into parking spaces with ease. While doing research and watching videos of the Rio before we got our hands on ours, we noticed a trend of reviewers talking about how well the Kia Rio handles in the rain which, with the summer we have been having, is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing your next rental.


Why Rent A Kia Rio From Advantage?

Toronto is a very big city with very small streets, parking spaces can be annoyingly close together since city planners are mostly concerned with how many spots they can legally fit in a parking lot or on the street. The Kia Rio is designed to fit anywhere, it is a small car built for the city, zip down side streets and squeeze into that last spot in front of your favourite coffee shop with ease. The Rios small size also makes it a great car for people who do not feel comfortable driving on hectic Toronto streets.

That being said, if you’re looking to rent a car to get you and your buddies or family up to the cottage for the weekend the hatchback makes it easy to fit all of your stuff in the truck while still providing plenty of legroom for your rear passengers.


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