It’s 2019 and many thought we wouldn’t see Northwest Deuce Days assemble again after their last meet three years ago. But we are so excited that the event lives on!

The Northwest Deuce Days is one of the most popular classic car shows in Canada. So well-known is the event that you get owners from the United States driving hundreds of kilometres to attend too. This year it is being held in beautiful Victoria, BC, from 18-21 July 2019.

If you are a car aficionado or a gearhead (or petrolhead), this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some exquisite sheet metal.

Read on to find out why Reader’s Digest magazine calls Northwest Deuce Days ‘the best Canadian car show you’ve never heard of’? And if you do decide to road trip it there, our Scarborough car rentals desk will be unfazed by the amount of driving you need to do.

About the meet

Northwest Deuce Days was first organized in 1998. Its premise: a gathering of pre-1952 cars, many of which were deuce body styles. The event has been held in British Columbia since its inception; for 2019 it returns to Victoria, BC.

Nearly 1400 classic cars

2019’s meet has nearly 1400 cars turning up for the event – we can’t even imagine what the waiting list must have been like. Of those, there are over 600 deuce body styles! (It does say deuce in the name of the show.)

But don’t worry, this won’t be a 1932 Ford party only. There are all sorts of classic cars that are vying for attention. From stunning Chevys to eclectically beautiful Volvos await. Best of all, these cars are exquisitely maintained and concours-ready.

What’s a deuce?

For our younger audience, deuce refers to the deuce coupe hot rods from the 1930s. Pioneered by Ford, the deuce was characterized by an unapologetically long hood, narrow windows – and an ENORMOUS engine. They were relatively affordable too – so no surprise deuces became the trusted steed of the strapping young man in the 1930s.

Photographers’ paradise

If photography is your passion, the meet is going to be something truly special. Stunning curves, wild hot-rodder paintwork – and in the backdrop the blue Pacific. These beloved cars spend much of their time under wraps these days, and Northwest Deuce Days is a rare event when owners bring out their prized possessions. Don’t forget, most of the cars at the meet are incredibly valuable and you may not get a chance to see them again.

It’s not the car, it’s the driver

It takes real love, longing and passion to restore and maintain classics. So many of these cars are fastidiously maintained in original spec (giant V8s aside). Rust, lack of spare parts and just lost passion mean there are huge odds against a timeless classic surviving. And that’s what we love. The owners of these cars have such deep bonds with their cars that listening to them talk about it is like eavesdropping on trysts from years ago.

It’s a car show, not a car competition

And that’s what makes Northwest Deuce Days such a treat. At so many other car meets it all boils down to how much horsepower you’ve got or how much the car is worth. At Northwest Deuce Days things are a bit different. Just an appreciation of exquisite design, glorious sounding engines and the long histories of the cars. It is such a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that you can let loose your inner gearhead without fear of judgment or ridicule.

Beautiful coastal roads

The roads around Victoria make for incredible drives. One minute you are cruising along coastal roads and the next minute you are navigating hairpin bends up a hill. It truly is driving heaven, this place. If you are going this far, don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some of Canada’s best driving roads.

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