Creating The Perfect Fall Weekend

October will be a welcome change this year as we ease out of one of the hottest September in Toronto history. Soon enough it will be that perfect temperature where your car won’t be either blazing hot or frigidly cold when you get in. The perfect sweet spot when jeans and a long sleeve shirt will keep you comfortable all day. Now is the time to see Ontario at its best when the leaves are changing and the highways are the least congested. Read below to see how you can have the perfect Autumn weekend with a Toronto car rental.

Choose a Destination

Renting a car in Toronto and heading out of the city is a fantastic way to kick back and relax with the family after the hectic month families experience in September. For a nice change of pace from the usual city/suburb routine renting a cabin for a weekend can be the ultimate stress reliever! A lot of people who own cabins will rent theirs out for a weekend to a week at a time to help cover the costs associated with owning a cottage but if you cannot find something private a lot of companies rent out cabins for tourists. These places are sometimes even speciality cabins depending on your interests such as hunting, fishing or hiking.

We recommend The Silver Sand Resort just outside of Kearny.  This Resort has just about everything you could dream of, cosy cabins, ATV and boat rentals and plenty more outdoor activities. Each cabin has a BBQ and a firepit, nothing is cosier than curling up by the fire with some food fresh off the grill. There is even a restaurant on site if you do not feel like cooking!

If renting a whole cabin isn’t for you they have motel rooms as well with all the same amenities minus a fire pit.

Choose The Right Vehicle

Driving north at any time of year is a great experience but the fall is when everything really starts to pop and a rental from Advantage Car and Truck Rentals will make it even better. Driving past the hay fields and the vibrant orange leaves on the trees will make you feel like you’re in a movie. Heading up the 400 to Highway 11 is an especially picturesque drive. The sides of the highway are spotted with farms, lakes, rock cliffs and forest that will make the drive as enjoyable as the destination. The restaurants along the way are also worth stopping for, Weber’s burgers and milkshakes will change your life.

To make sure you get the most enjoyable trip possible you will want to make sure you choose the right vehicle. A lot of factors can come into play when you’re looking for a vehicle to rent; cost, gas mileage, passenger seating, cargo room etc luckily Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has a wide variety of vehicles to rent that will fit every need.

For families, the obvious choice may be a minivan like a Dodge Grand Caravan or a Toyota Sienna. These are fantastic vehicles that will absolutely get you to your destination with the highest amount of comfort but if you are looking for something a little different our brand new 2018 Ford F 150s go above and beyond for long trips. The new F 150s comfortably seat a family of 5 with plenty of room in the back for all of your luggage and groceries.

For smaller groups and couple, our Chrysler 200’s and Ford Fusion are not only fantastic looking cars but they are spacious and have better fuel economy than you may think.

This fall, make memories with Advantage Car and Truck Rentals. Our wide selection of vehicles and on the spot delivery make it easier than ever to get the car you want when you want.