Toronto Day Trips To Make Your Summer Better!

Advantage Car Rentals offers all sorts of cars and trucks that are used by all sorts of people for all sorts reason. Everything from business to moving to necessity we have a car that will be right for you. Sometimes people just want to break away from their everyday routine and experience something new around Toronto. a Great break from the ordinary is a trip to Toronto Island but since the island is still mostly closed from flooding and Toronto area beaches are facing more closures every day we thought we would offer up a few alternatives so you can get the most from your Toronto Car Rental.



Dundas Peak

Contrary to what the name might suggest Dundas Peak is nowhere near Dundas Street, Toronto but is actually a part of the Town of Dundas just outside Hamilton. The roughly hour or so drive is nothing compared to the beauty you will experience going for a hike at Dundas Peak. The picturesque views are more reminiscent of British Columbia or Alberta than anything normally found in Ontario.

Rattlesnake Point

For the very adventurous. Rattlesnake Point is the place to be. While you may not find many rattlesnakes, the best rock climbing in Canada can be found at the point. If you book early enough there are 17 campsites within the park you can stay at. The fun doesn’t stop in October like some parks, Rattlesnake point is open all year round offering different, exciting activities depending on the time of year. Renting a car and heading out to rattlesnake point is an incredible and inexpensive day trip to escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto!


Good Eats


All summer long, all across Ontario there are hundreds of Ribfests in major cities and small towns. Heading out to one of these festivals makes for a great day trip for families and friends alike. Most venues have live bands or DJs and local businesses come out to hand out free swag so there is something for everyone. The bigger towns have more to offer in terms of variety but the smaller towns offer a more personal experience, making you feel at home in their town. Many of these locations are within an hour or two of Toronto and the GTA making them the perfect weekend getaway.

Kensington Market

Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Kensington Market is a melting pot of cultures all coming together to offer incredible foods you may have never eaten before. If you consider yourself a foodie then a trip to Kensington Market is an absolute must! Foods from around the globe can be found here and the best part of it all parking in Kensington Market is some of the cheapest in the city! If you are renting a car in Toronto and want to experience a neighbourhood like no other a trip to Kensington Market should be at the top of your to-do list.


Unique Toronto Experiences

The CN Tower

This is far and away from Toronto’s biggest attraction, construction started in 1973 but didn’t open until October 2nd, 1976 and from that day forward the Toronto skyline was changed forever. People travel the world to see the largest freestanding building in North America. On a clear day, you can see Buffalo, New York on the horizon.

For the adventurous, the glass floor is a vertigo inducing experience everyone should try at least once and the Skywalk is something you have to see to believe, walking along the top of the CN Tower is a life changing experience for anyone looking to try something new and have a story to tell for years to come.


African Lion Safari

African Lion Safari brings the African Sahara to Ontario! Located in Cambridge near Hamilton people can see monkeys, buffalo and of course lions from the guided tour bus. They do offer the option to drive your own car through but we stress that you DO NOT TAKE A RENTAL CAR THROUGH THE PARK.

The Safari is different than a normal zoo because the animals are not in cages and are allowed to roam free while the guests are protected in the tour buses and drive through the animal habitats.


At Advantage, we believe there should be no such thing as a boring day in Toronto, with these options and so much more, there are so many things to see and do with your Toronto Car Rental!