Tired of eating in Toronto? Want to experience idyllic countryside scenes as you feast on delectable dishes? Well you’ve certainly come to the right place. In this article we are looking at famous restaurants and eateries around Toronto that offer gourmet dining and beautiful views.

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1. Langdon Hall Dining Room, Kitchener

Just its name is enough to evoke grandeur and dining splendour. Happily, Langdon Hall Dining Room serves up a wonderfully sophisticated and friendly dining experience. The restaurant is housed in an elegant country house surrounded by over 70 acres of gardens. Now that’s an experience to remember. Diners have regularly commended Langdon Hall Dining Room for its tasteful dishes – no wonder, since it attracts a well-heeled clientele.

2. Miijidaa Cafe + Bistro, Guelph

Looking for fresh, local and sustainable ingredients in your foods? Cheese and culinary preparations by local artisans? Miijdaa café and bistro is the place for you then. The eatery offers a complete dine-in service as also a grab-and-go-fare (it is a café after all). Their selections are comprised of local and historical Canadian dishes and they emphasize local sourcing. A great place for the freshest cuisines.

3. Woodlawn Inn, Cobourg

The Woodlawn Inn has practically become an institution in Cobourg and Port Hope. It has been the venue for almost 30 years, perfect for intimate meals and small get-togethers. Their restaurant is known for using high-quality products grown or raised in Canada. Looking for vegetarian or gluten-free fare? This is the place for you. The ambience is charming, local and fresh – just like the cuisine. And you can’t go wrong with the setting.

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4. Backhouse Restaurant, Niagara-on-the-Lake

The recipe is simple: to control quality and define your theme, use your own grown produce! Backhouse has its own farm and is proud to offer sustainable food. Their breads, in particular, are freshly baked and are perfect with the selection of local wines. Make it extra special by sitting at the Chef’s table. Since you are in wine country, why not take a tour of a winery or two on your way back to your Toronto car rental desk.

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5. Drake Devonshire Inn, Prince Edward

Escape from Toronto but don’t leave behind the modcons you have come to expect as a city dweller. The Drake Devonshire Inn is a highly regarded cultural hub of Prince Edward County. An unobstructed view of the lake provides such a serene backdrop in which to enjoy local flavours. An absolute must-visit this one!

6. The Red Rabbit, Stratford

Stratford is well-known for its Shakespearean theatre and the annual Stratford Festival, but did you know it is also home to a world renowned culinary school. No wonder the relatively new Red Rabbit restaurant has become such an attraction for locals and tourists. The community-driven theme of the restaurant extends beyond its shareable-type dishes to paying its employees a living wage. For tasty local Ontario food and a social vibe, this is the place to be.

7. Bruce Wine Bar, Collingwood

Sophisticated foods are not just restricted to the city; you can find them in the lesser travelled parts of Ontario too. Bruce Wine Bar offers an eclectic mix of traditional and new-world dishes. But their highlight is the selection of wines they source from more exclusive breweries. Again, the restaurant has a real community vibe and hosts live musical performances too.