What can carry up to eight people? Swallow their luggage? And travel long distances comfortably? It’s the passenger minivan, of course.

Minivans have come into their own in the last few years. Once looked down upon as the boring runabout of the family man or woman, minivans have received a major makeover. Today, minivans look contemporary, are luxuriously appointed and filled to the brim with clever tech. They are no longer just the school run car; minivans are de facto transport for corporates and VIPs too. Our Woodbridge car rentals desk, for example, has families and corporates lining up for these vehicles.
What makes a minivan great?

We were puzzled too. So after some (comfortable) research, we are writing this article. Read on to find out what makes minivans the ultimate vehicle for the family (even a corporate family, if you’re into team-building).

For the purposes of this list, we will only consider vehicles that can seat up to eight people. Why eight? Because we are taking the cramped legroom of SUVs out of the equation. And anything larger will start to fall into the commercial category.

Children – and toys, and prams, and…

Any parent will know this: the amount of stuff you carry for your child is typically a multiple of the size and weight of the gurgling toddler. Prams, diapers, baby food, clothes and a car seat take up an enormous amount of room. Best of luck trying to fit that into your ‘7-seat’ SUV. It’ll barely even trouble a minivan.

Also, if you decide to move house, a minivan will simply devour your belongings like nothing else. We’ve heard on more than one occasion people extolling these gentle giants. Get a minivan rental from our car rental in Woodbridge to make your move easy.

Child seat

Minivans are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Doors swing or slide open nice and wide, and ingress and egress are easy because of the vast space. What’s best is that this makes fitting child seats and booster seats a breeze. In fact, you can fit two seats comfortably on either side and have plenty of room leftover for whichever poor parent has been given backseat childcare duties that day.

Safety first

Manufacturers know that minivans will be transporting a whole lot of loved ones and they are built to be safe. Just look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ratings. Minivans from major manufacturers all receive a full 5-star rating for their overall safety, and consistently high ratings for front, side and rollover crashes. What’s more, minivans are loaded to the gills with safety features like 360-degree cameras, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, blind spot warning and so much more.


“Where’s the wi-fi?” are the dreaded words you won’t have to hear from your teen. Minivans today are so bursting with tech that the simplest summary of their features is: ‘everything’. In-car entertainment is so passé: the latest crop will give you connected systems to game on, full and fast access to the internet – and the ability to meddle with the car’s satnav on the go (though maybe that could have been omitted, we feel).

Nifty features

Storage space galore awaits you in a minivan. There is a never-ending list of where you can store stuff (and then forget where you put it). Second and third rows can be reclined, slid forwards and backwards. But the really cool features are built-in vacuum cleaners, nifty rechargeable torches, and 110v power outlets that let you carry mini-fridges and more.

Quiet cruisers

Minivans today are exceptional long distance cruisers. Silent engines and a compliant suspension makes the minivan a relaxed vehicle to travel in. What’s more, every passenger will get a full-size, added seat, unlike most other cars and SUVs where the middle passenger gets a veritable pew. Probably a big reason why our Woodbridge car rental office receives a lot of requests for minivan rental from commercial clients and families.

Car Rental Woodbridge

That’s why at Advantage Car Rental we have a wide variety of minivan rental options at our car rental in Woodbridge. They are hired not just by families for the day or long trips, they are ideal for shuttling executives to and fro appointments and the airport. A great balance of comfort, space and budget make these vans the perfect runabout.
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