Renting A Car Is The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is a very important day, your mother has done a lot for you growing up and while you should thank her for it all the time it is nice to have a day specifically to show Mom’s all over the country how much they mean to us. We have compiled a list of our favourite Mother’s Day activities that you may want to think about on Sunday. We know that renting a car may sound like a strange gift at first but once you see all the opportunities it opens up it may just become a tradition.


Going Out To Eat.

Taking your mom out to eat on Mother’s Day is nothing new, it is just about as typical a gift as the breakfast in bed deal when you were growing up. This year, change things up a bit and instead of going for brunch at some “trendy” overpriced cafe in Toronto hope in the rental car and head out of the city.

Spending the little extra time and driving out of the city opens up whole new experiences you or your mom may never have thought of. Niagara on The Lake has some of the best food and wine tastings in the world but remember to always have a designated driver when doing a wine testing. Heading north of the city brings you to cottage country and cottage country means fresh because all the farms are so close the small local restaurants have access to way fresher meat, fish and produce than some of the restaurants you will find in the Greater Toronto Area except at a fraction of the price.

While you are up there, out of the city, you can take full advantage of the rental car and buy locally grown produce and meats or maybe swing by a greenhouse and pick up some fresh flowers!

Help Out Around The House

For this one, the car rental itself isn’t so much the gift its what you do with it!

Does your mom/wife always talk about how cluttered the garage has gotten or how she wished to plant new hedges in the backyard but you have no way to move all of this stuff? Advantage has a full line of Pickup Trucks and Utility Vans that can get the job done no matter how big.

The F-150 has lots of room both in the cab and in the back so the whole family can help get all the old junk out from the basement while mom just sits back and enjoys watching everyone else work.

For bigger jobs we have utility vans and box trucks, the utility vans are great for picking up larger items that you don’t want to have to bear the elements in the back of a pickup, while the box trucks have enough space in the back to move approximately a whole 1-bedroom apartment.


Go On A Mini Vacation

Who deserves a vacation more than moms, they are the unsung heroes of any family and the deserve a break every once in awhile.  Renting a nice luxury car like a Jaguar or Mercedes and hitting the open road may just be the thing your mom needs to relax this weekend.

There are the usual spots like Blue Mountain Resort, where you can get incredible spa and lounge in the hot tubs. They even have activities for the kids while the parents get a chance to relax.

Casino Rama is one of Ontario’s most popular casinos and it’s the perfect place to take your mother this Mother’s Day. There is a hotel on site as well as plenty nearby with free shuttles to the casino, the buffet is world class and they have almost every single slot machine/card game/table game you can possibly think of.  Not to mention the massive on-site theatre that brings some of the best talents from around the world including amazing comedians and A-List musicians.

This Mother’s Day do something different than the usual grocery store flowers, Rent A Car and do something new!

Happy Mother’s Day From Advantage!