Finding The Best Business Rental In Toronto

One of the benefits of living in Toronto and the GTA is the complete diversity the city has to offer and we aren’t just talking about the amazing people who call Toronto their home. Pretty much any sort of “Goods and Services” you could be looking for is somewhere in the GTA and all of these businesses need to be on the road, whether your foreman on a construction site with a truck full of supplies or you’re a junior sales associate at a Fortune 500 company. Advantage Truck & Car Rental Toronto has such a wide variety of vehicles to rent so no matter what your business is, we have the right ride for you.

Cargo Vans and Moving Trucks

The advantage is proud to rent Cargo Vans and 16 ft Moving are some of our most popular rentals with businesses. The pure versatility they offer is a major selling point for a lot of companies. The Large 16 ft trucks fit as much as a 1 bedroom apartment so a medium-sized office can be moved in only a couple of trips. Movie and TV productions rent these trucks from us a lot because they also work as great storage devices overnight or for however long you need them for as long as you provide your own lock for the back.*

Our Cargo Vans or perfect for Toronto because they drive similar to a regular van and the backup sensor and camera make parking way easier than you would expect for a large vehicle. The two front seats are also incredibly comfortable if you are driving long distances.

Trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs

These are our more utilitarian vehicles, the workhorses rented by men and women who have a big job and they need to get things done. These vehicles are perfect for businesses that work in the construction, design and trade industries. Our trucks, 2018 Ford F150s, have a five-foot box which is perfect for hauling tools and equipment. The inside is also very spacious which is perfect getting your team to the job sites.

The Jeeps and SUVs may not have as much cargo room but they make perfect temporary replacements for company trucks that require maintenance. Alternately, they are great for any company that is only in Toronto for a short while but require something that carries the luggage or 4-5 people.

Compact and Economy Cars

Not only are smaller cars more fuel efficient and great for city driving they are also cheaper to rent, with even more savings the longer you need the car! These cars are perfect for any business that requires employees to be on the road a lot such as sales or delivery employees. We offer great rates for companies looking to rent with Advantage, as a business we know that it is all about the bottom line. Saving money wherever you can is a key part of any business and we keep our prices as low as possible because we know you will be so happy with your rental you will be back the next time you need to get your team on the road.

Full and Standard

If you’re the boss of your company, you don’t want to show up to meetings in your old Corolla with the busted heater and a window that doesn’t roll down. We rent vehicles by the hour so even if you just have one meeting or big sale that requires driving around prospective clients you do not need to rent for the whole day. Call your nearest Advantage location for availability!

Remember, the next time your company is looking to rent a vehicle, save money and look better with Advantage Car and Truck Rentals!

*Advantage Car and Truck Rentals does not hold any responsibility for any damaged or stolen items left in our vehicles.