Here is something you might not have known about Ford, Dodge or Mercedes moving vans, they don’t come with the box on the back right from the factory. They are made and shipped like this.

This is because the front is so versatile they are used for plenty of other jobs other than moving vans such as ambulances and camper vans.

Moving vans are such an invaluable resources as anyone who has ever tried to move without one will tell you. Being able to fit an entire apartment or a few rooms of your house into one truck cuts down on costs and travel time not to mention whoever is helping you move will also be grateful that it might not take up their whole day.

The Exterior

This section will be short and sweet because really all it is is the front of a large truck with a giant box on the back. The rear door slides up opening up the storage area. The door is spring loaded so it isn’t as heavy and cumbersome to open as some other models. There are two front doors for the passengers with side steps to make entering and exiting a breeze.

As far as strictly utilitarian vehicles go they are pretty good looking as well, they carried over the large tri-bar grill from the F-series pickup trucks to sort of tie the looks together.

The Interior

Starting up front in the cockpit, there are two captains chairs for the driver and passenger which are so remarkably comfortable you won’t want to get out of the truck when it is time to unload.

There are also all the amenities of a modern commuter truck including automatic windows and locks, USB ports to charge cell phones and other devices, auxiliary jacks to play your own music through the radio and Bluetooth for hands-free calls.

The actual cargo area of the moving van is massive! 16 feet long 7.5 feet wide and 7 feet tall. That’s an incredible 840 cubic feet of space, a one bedroom apartment could easily fit with a little room to spare.

To put the size into perspective the average queen size mattress is 5ftx6.6ftx0.75ft.

One of the best parts of our moving vans is the tie down areas along the side and on the floor of the box. As long as the rope or bungee cord is secured and tight you will not have to worry about anything happening to your valuables.

Possibly the best and most useful feature on the whole van is the ramp that slides out from underneath the truck. It sets into place right above the steps making it a breeze to get in and out while carrying boxes or anything that requires a dolly like a fridge.

The Gas Mileage

With the incredible size of the moving van and the all the cool things that come with it, they are very heavy and that means potentially not great on fuel but the E450 moving van gets around 11 MPG which is decent compared to the competitors.

The Drive

It may look intimidating to drive a cube truck like this but it is surprisingly easy. The hardest thing most people find is that you cannot look behind your shoulder to check the blind spots, you have to rely on the mirrors. It may take a little getting used to but the mirrors are so huge nothing can get by without the driver noticing.

We recommend that all renters take a few minutes before they head out to make sure your seat is the correct position, the mirrors are alright and your phone is connected to Bluetooth. We recommend this for all vehicles but this is especially important in a moving truck because it is quite a bit larger than a normal vehicle.

Once you get comfortable driving the truck you will realize how comfortable you are in the cabin, the drive is very smooth and the truck absorbs most small bumps in the road, making your moving day smooth sailing.

Why Rent A Moving Van From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals?

Whether you need the truck to move homes or need it for some sort of business application like a film shoot or cleaning out old storage lockers the E450 moving truck is a reliable, easy to drive way to do what you need to do.

Check out our Advantage Trucks Page and our Advantage Business Page for more information.

Please note that due to vehicles class restrictions the moving vans are not permitted on the 407 Express Tollway.