If you have been bitten by the motorsport bug, it’s time to scratch that itch. ‘Track days’, when you can spend some quality time letting loose your inner Gilles Villeneuve, have become very popular. What’s more, you can now fulfil that dream to test drive sports car like a Ferrari or Porsche around some epic tracks!

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How much does Canada love four-wheel motorsport? We host Formula 1, Nascar, Indycar, IMSA, World Rally Cross and are planning a return of the World Rally Championship!

Motorsport runs in Canada’s veins. And it’s a good thing too since it means if you live in the GTA you will find options aplenty for track day Toronto when you search for ‘race track near me’. Before we look at some of the best options for you, let’s break down track days into two categories:

  1. Sports car hire and performance driving – If you want to experience some of the most exotic cars on the planet like Corvettes, Ferraris and Porsches. This can either be a simple hire-and-drive program, or you can go for the full experience and receive instruction from professional driver trainers. It’s a great way to test drive sports car of your dreams.
  1. Bring your own car – You also have the option of bringing your own vehicle to the track. That doesn’t mean you should hound around in the family sedan (it may not even qualify for safety reasons). Rather, people prepare dedicated cars for track use (it’s more affordable than you think), like they do boats and ATVs for recreation. It saves wear and tear on the daily driver, and you can raise your track cred too.

In either case our car rental North York desk has plenty of options for you. Our comfortable and affordable cars will get you to a track day Toronto where you can hire a track-focused car to race. Or, if you have your own track car, rent an SUV or pick-up from North York car rental to tow your trailer. Just don’t take your rental cars on track: it is grossly illegal.

Race track near me in Toronto

Here are three track day Toronto motorsport parks that are simply unbeatable for performance driving thrills – some of them are home to the biggest motor racing events in the world!

  1. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park – One of the most well-known tracks in Canada, mastering this track is no easy task – just ask Jackie Stewart, Mario Andretti and Gilles Villeneuve. The track hosts track days and driving experiences of all types, so you are sure to find something exciting.
  1. Shannonville Motorsport Park – Another great track to discover the limits of adhesion, Shannonville is safe and exciting. Choose from one of many track day events running at any given time.
  1. Toronto Motorsports Park, Cayuga – Located about two hours from Toronto, this is the home of drag racing in Ontario. The track has evolved into a modern racing facility. It’s a great option if you want to experience a different layout and a less crowded track.

What to expect on a track day

Now that you are all geared up to hit the track, and have found the closest ‘race track near me’, let’s break down what you should expect on your track day.

  • Drivers’ safety briefing and flag rules
  • Instructions on track layout and pitlane etiquette
  • Optimum lines for driving the track
  • Passing and being passed by cars
  • Driving instruction (if you have signed up for an instructor)

Here’s what you should remember to bring with you. Remember that depending on whether you bring your own car or test drive sports car, requirements may be different:

  • Driving licence (many track days require a G licence)
  • Helmets (not always; may be available at the track)
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Insurance and registration of the car

Car Rental North York

Track days are a great way of experiencing the thrill of performance driving. Make sure you speak to our North York car rental to take you to the track comfortably. Our rates are extremely competitive and you won’t have to worry about your car rental North York adding much to your bill.