The spread of the novel coronavirus and ensuing Covid-19 pandemic are going to change how we travel for the foreseeable future. Personal transport has already become the most important means of travel, as people try to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission from shared spaces. Car rental in Toronto has become centre stage as people look to make the best of both worlds – freedom from expensive car ownership but personal cars when they need them.

Stop looking for car rental near you and have a sanitized car delivered to your doorstep

Advantage Car Rental is working hard to make sure we keep our customers and staff safe during this time. Find out what you should expect from your car rental desk when you book a rental car in Canada.

Is car rental in Canada ‘essential’ during covid-19

Yes, car rental services have been recognized as an essential service to ensure everybody has access to personal transportation for their needs. Advantage Car Rental in Scarborough and around the GTA is open and serving customers.

Importance of car rental during the Covid-19 lockdown

Public Health has issued guidance for physical distancing and quarantine, ‘essential services’ such as healthcare, essential retail, gas stations, pharmacies and transport to remain open. People need to be able to commute to their workplaces, shop groceries and tend to loved ones.

With flights and train travel being curtailed, car rental has become even more important.

What to look for in car rental in Scarborough

Advantage Car Rental is following enhanced cleaning procedures for its vehicles after every rental.

  • Branches are being cleaned and sanitized regularly
  • Advantage employees wash hands regularly and are wearing gloves
  • Vehicles are professionally cleaned in a multi-step process after each rental
  • Vehicle surfaces that are touched are being sanitized

Our rental process has been modified to maximize physical distancing. We are continuing to drop-off and pick-up reserved vehicles. This means our customers save a trip to the car rental desk on public transport or by taxi and can reduce the chance of exposure to coronavirus even further.

Car rental near you

How much does car rental cost in Toronto?

Renting a compact sedan like a Honda Civic from our downtown Toronto location can be as little $35 (taxes included) from 9am to 5pm. We do not charge a fee for the number of kilometres driven per day. Use the On Demand Car app to browse our vehicle selection and find out how much you can save compared to the competition.