Are you doing business in the GTA? Perhaps you have to drive your business partners out of town for a conference or maybe you are picking up clients to wine and dine them at a fancy restaurant? Either way Advantage Car and Truck Rentals has the perfect vehicle for showing people around town.

The Infiniti QX50 was made for driving people around, literally! Infiniti is a very popular car maker in China, where having Chauffeurs and being driven from place to place is still a part of everyday life for the wealthy. So Infiniti redesigned the QX50 for 2016 by stretching the frame 3.2 inches giving an additional 4.3 inches in rear legroom, which may not sound like a lot but would certainly mean the difference between a cozy ride and digging your knees into the front seats.

The Exterior


The Exterior of the QX50 is a little different than most high end Crossovers, some say it looks like a fancy Subaru Outback, it’s up to the individual to decide if that’s good or bad. Making a great looking crossover can be a difficult task even the ultra expensive Porsche and Bentley’s still look like shrunken minivans. Infiniti does hold its own though by making it stand out in a crowd as it does look luxurious. The big Infiniti symbol in the front grill is an instant status symbol, making sure that no matter who you are trying to impress with your rental will walk away happy.

The Interior


As I stated in the opening, this car was designed to make your passengers happy. The extra leg room in the back seat will surely be appreciated by your guests, even the trunk has an impressive 18.6 cubic feet of cargo space so there will be plenty of space for lots of luggage, marketing materials or whatever else you need to carry around.

Everything about the interior layout is so meticulously designed, you can see the care that was put into making this the comfiest competitor in the luxury crossover market. And don’t think they spent all of their time focusing on the rear seat, up front is perfectly laid out across the board, even the gear shift is perfectly situated.

The Gas Milage


EPA rates the QX50 at 17 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway, making it the perfect choice for long highway drives and traversing the busy city streets.


The Drive

The drive is amazing, what else could it be, they couldn’t spend all that effort making sure the driver and passengers were comfortable only to have it ruined by a bad ride. The handling feels heavy but not in a bad way, it makes it feel like the driver has more control over the vehicle. Driving down the road, normal dips and bumps won’t make much of a difference to the the smooth ride while taking corners has very little body roll  no matter your speed. There is no doubt that you will drive away happy with an Infiniti QX50.

Why Rent A QX50 From Advantage Car and Truck Rentals?


This is the perfect car for business, with tons of cargo room for whatever your needs may be as well as the extended rear legroom, it can be the small details like that which can make or break a deal. Luxury cars are always a great way to make a wonderful first impression, especially when it is a rental, would you rather get picked up in a Camry or a QX50?


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