There could be many reasons why one would rent a car: you don’t own a car; your car is not the best option for your trip and you need a different vehicle; and so on. One of the most frequent reasons car owners end up renting a vehicle is when their car breaks down and they need a ride till their vehicle has been repaired or serviced. In such a situation, one of the first things a person checks is if the car model suits their needs; has the right capacity, mileage, etc. 

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The dos and don’ts of renting a car 

After your car breaks down, whether you are getting a rental car provided through towing company or via your insurer, keep the following points in mind:

  • Reputed provider: Make sure to research and read about the car rental company. See what their past customers have to say about their experience and what kind of review and ratings they have left.
  • Look for the car you need: Not every driver’s need is the same. Check what car models the company offers. Do not agree to use a rental services without making sure that they have a model available which will suit your requirements.
  • Check for any hidden fees: Sometimes the advertised price of renting a car mentions only a base fee while a lot of miscellaneous charges are added to your total bill – not just taxes but various other services and fees. Ask about your total bill upfront and check the breakdown to make sure you are not being charged for any service or feature that you do not need. 
  • Ask about the billing process: Most car insurance policies in Toronto will cover the cost of renting a car when your vehicle is under repair after an accident or breakdown. Find out whether the rental company will bill you or your insurer directly. If they bill you, you would then have to submit the invoice and other necessary documents to your insurer to get a refund. It would be more convenient if you can find a suitable car rental that can bill your insurer directly so that you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Find out about the deposit: Ask the rental company how much deposit would they require. Some companies ask for an exuberant deposit fee and, if they are not very reputable, they might find ways to deduct by citing vague damages or loss.
  • Check early return policy: Sometimes, your own vehicle may be serviced and ready for use earlier than the initial estimate given to you. In such a case, you would want to drive your own car and not keep paying for the rental car. Many rental companies levy a charge for early return of the car. Find out if the company you are considering has such a fee and also how much is it. A small amount for their trouble is justified but make sure they do not charge you too much! Clarifying such details before signing an agreement would avoid any confusion at a later date and you may also be able to bargain a little!
  • Keep a record: Keep a written record (a signed contract or emails) of every term and condition that you discuss and finalize with the rental company. You can refer to the record if you forget anything and it would make sure that the rental company honours the agreed terms.

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