The Ford F-150 has long been Americas Most Popular Truck and it is at Advantage Car and Truck Rentals as well, and for good reason. The F-150 has the power to do any job while having the interior of an SUV, when customers come to Advantage car rental asking about a vehicle that can do it all, this is what we offer them.


The Exterior

The body and bed is constructed from aluminum making it incredibly light weight which is great for gas mileage. The truck has a particularly wide stance that makes it look like a large animal ready to work. Ford trucks in the last 10 years or so have transitioned from the sleek rounded design of the 90’s and early 2000’s into a modern version of their old 70’s work horses. With a large front grill and a curved boxy look the F-150 is certainly an intimidating looking truck.

The Interior

Getting into the F-150 can be jarring because if you did not know any better you would probably think you had just gotten into a Lincoln or some other luxury SUV. The Captains chair is incredibly comfortable and makes for an amazing drive down the road. The spacious back seat will seem like a personal gift from Ford, with almost as much legroom as the front seat and enough space between the seats that the passengers won’t be bumping knees the whole ride.

The Drive

Almost completely opposite of its intimidating appearance the Ford F-150 is probably one of the smoothest and easy to control full size pickups I have ever had the pleasure of driving. Sitting so high has it’s benefits as well, The F-150 is 77.2 inches tall meaning you will be able to see over all the cars in front of you no problem. The Four Wheel Drive and Traction Control also make the truck perfect for winter driving.


Gas Mileage

EPA city/highway driving: 14/19 mpg

Why Rent This Truck From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals?

Why Rent a Ford F-150, in a word, versatility. The Truck can do it all, you can pick up your furniture, impress clients and get the whole crew to work on time, all with the same pickup. With winter just around the corner this truck is perfect getting where you need to be in inclement weather. For rates as low as $18.95 A Day you won’t find a better deal anywhere.