-If you have ever wondered how much power is actual HorsePower it’s 746 Watts!



-Goodyear makes more than 100,000 tires per season for NASCAR


-Adding a teenager to your car insurance can increase your cost by up to 156%


-Around the world about 156,000 cars are produced every day


-New Car Smell is not a smell added after production, it is actually just the combined smell of all the different materials in the car.

Mazda 3 Interior

-If you felt like taking a drive to the moon it would take six months of non-stop driving at 95 km/h to get there.


-The World Record for most people fit into a standard size Smart Car is 20, but driving that way isn’t recommended


-75% of all Rolls-Royce cars ever produced are still on the road.

2016 Rolls Royce

-When the car radio was introduced, some states wanted to ban it arguing that it could distract drivers and cause accidents. If they only knew !


-Up until July 2014 every car owner in Turkmenistan was given 120 liters of gas for free every month.