Nissan partnered with the film Rogue One; A Star Wars Story to release a limited edition Nissan Rogue called the Rogue One Edition.

Only 400 of these beautiful cars will be sold in all of Canada

Some of the special features included in the Rogue One Edition Include:

  • Limited Edition Chrome Front Door Patch
  • Star War Logo Rear Bumper Protector
  • Limited Edition Floor Mats
  • Star Wars Logo Illuminated Kick Plate
  • Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire Cup Holder Inserts

And best of all each one comes with a full scale model Death Trooper Helmet!

Although this does not come cheap, the Nissan Rogue Star Wars Edition starts at $33,998.
Although It may be kind of gimmicky, but for the right person this Star Wars Nissan Rogue may be a dream come true!