Advantage Rental Review: Chrysler 200C

The age old dilemma of Style vs. Convenience may have finally been solved with the Chrysler 200C, the rental car perfect for getting to meetings and escaping them. A rental car should be just as useful and user-friendly as is it good looking and the 200C marries the two perfectly. Perfect for long term rentals, the 200C will have you looking good driving around Toronto and the GTA while also having a lot of cargo and passenger space which is great for the weekends!


The Exterior

The Chrysler 200C sort of looks like a toned down version of the Chrysler 300, with a little more of a sharp, sleek design as opposed to the 300’s rounded boxy look. There is something more to the 200C than a normal sedan, the general look is the same but you can tell the engineers have put a lot of time into designing the lines and curves to really make the car pop. The front grill is really very subtle on the car especially opposed to the large intimidating grills many other car makers have opted for lately.

The subtle lines and curves throughout the car from the headlights to trunk demands respect. The 200C is the perfect Toronto car rental for anybody who needs a car that is guaranteed to impress.


The Interior

If you want a car that has everything, this is it. The Chrysler 200C has a full navigation system, leather seats, a panoramic s unroof and room for five. What more could you want in a car rental? Easily pair your phone to Bluetooth so all of your contacts and music are at your fingertips, keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

The climate controls/ navigation system is very easy to control and there are USB plugs and an auxiliary port hidden underneath the cupholders in the centre console so you can always keep your phone charged up. There is even a neat little cradle for your phone and other small item moulded in as part of the dash.  

The rear seats are fairly spacious, with plenty of room for adults, car seats or luggage. The trunk measures 16 cubic feet which could easily fit two large pieces of luggage with space left over for smaller items.


The Fuel Efficiency

It may come as a shock to some people just how fuel efficient the 2016 Chrysler 200C really is. Bringing an impressive 23 City and 36 Highway MPG to the table is something some other car makers can only dream about. The combined 27 City/Highway MPG rating makes the decision to rent the Chrysler 200C even easier. No matter what you have planned you can rest assured that wherever you’re going, stops for gas will be few and far between!


The Drive

The first thing you will notice when you get into your Chrysler 200C rental is that the gear shift is a dial instead of the standard  “Gear Stick” most cars have. The dial shifter looks like a larger climate control knob which takes a little getting used to but is fun to use in a futuristic kind of way.

Once you get on the road you will immediately notice how smooth the drive is, this is not a sports car and it doesn’t try to be. Accelerating is steady so you won’t get the jumps off the start that sometimes happen when you are driving a car you have never driven before. The brakes are just as even as the acceleration, the 200C is not as large as other sedans in its class so it is easy to bring the car to a gentle, fluid stop.


Why Rent The Chrysler 200C From Advantage Car And Truck Rentals

Summer has arrived and it’s about time you took a vacation. The 200C is the perfect rental for someone looking to take the family away for the week. The car can easily fit a family four plus all of your luggage. The incredible gas mileage is perfect for longer trips to maybe visit relatives or a cottage up north.

Alternatively, the sleek styling makes it the perfect rental car for someone who needs a temporary replacement from their own car or someone coming to town on business for a few days and needs a vehicle that is sure to impress colleagues.


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