Why we don’t use the tires on rental cars till they are completely used up

September 14, 2020 Car Rental Did You Know

As the only component of the vehicle in contact with the ground, safety and control relies heavily on the condition of tires. We make sure every one of our customers enjoys a safe journey by replacing our vehicles’ tires frequently. Unlike other companies, we never wait till the tire is at its minimum tread depth […]

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Best credit cards in Canada for gas station spends

August 13, 2020 Credit card Did You Know

Gas rewards – hot air or hard cold cash?! Gas station spends on gas, snack bars and washer fluid may not be the biggest expenditures for Canadians but they are some of the most regular. Use the right credit card and you can make a handsome return on your gas spends and save even more […]

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‘Piping hot’ rental car delivered to your doorstep

February 3, 2020 Delivery Did You Know

Rushing at 5pm from work to pick up your rental car before the office closes? Worse still, you’ve booked using a car sharing app and when you reach the location in the cold and rain you realize that the interiors are filthy… or someone’s stolen the fob that lets you out of the private parking […]

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Is it cheaper to buy a car or get a rental car?

January 12, 2020 Did You Know Rental car

Less than $27. That’s how much it costs to rent a fully kitted out sedan like the Honda Civic for one full day from Advantage Car Rental. With rates as affordable as that, is it any wonder long term car rental has taken off in recent years. Cheap monthly car rentals have become extremely popular in […]

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How a car rental saves you money

January 5, 2020 Did You Know Rental car

If you live in the big city, cheap car rental can save you a lot of money. We’ve seen a trend in Toronto of millennials and Gen Z foregoing car ownership. Instead, they are relying on rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, using public transport and renting cars when they need to. Here are some […]

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5 Instances Where Rental Cars Are Ideal for the Budget Oriented Millennial

May 7, 2019 Article BLOGS Did You Know

They say millennial’s today must know two things, to drive and to cook. However, driving is easy, maintaining a car and its overall costs aren’t. So, if you’re an individual who doesn’t own a car, chances are you have a budget you like sticking to. Now, several times, if you’re late to work, have an […]

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Did You Know About Nissan’s Dog Car?

April 28, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

A Look At The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concept As a general rule, car makers want to make every vehicle they produce as appealing as possible to everyone no matter their needs. Now heavy duty trucks come with luxury interiors so families in the suburbs who will never even use the bed can justify the purchase. Off-road […]

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Did You Know These Spring Maintenance Tips?

April 14, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

Spring Car Maintenance Tips   Canadian winters can be tough on cars, the fluctuating temperatures, snow and ice and salted roads can wreak havoc on your car. Follow these few simple tips to make sure your car makes a smooth transition to the warmer months.   If your car does require maintenance, Advantage Car and […]

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Did You Know About Our Corporate Accounts

April 7, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

Corporate Car Rentals In Toronto Did you know Advantage Car and Truck Rentals offers specials rates for corporate clients in the Greater Toronto Area? We know the specific needs of corporate drivers and what they want – a quality car rental, innovative, fast and efficient service, friendly staff, and special corporate rates. Corporates usually don’t […]

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Did You Know About The Ford V8?

March 31, 2017 BLOGS Did You Know

The Ford V8 Engine   On this day March 31, 1932, Henry Ford unveiled one of his last great triumphs, The modern V8 Engine.   In true Ford fashion, they took an already existing product, in this case, an eight cylinder engine, and redesigned it to perfection.     You see, the first V8 was […]

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